Duquesne student self-isolates, finds solace in podcasts and walks

March 30, 2020

Jessica Schmitz | First Year Economics and Political Science Major

My self-isolation has really been more of a quarantine. My parents live in North Dakota, so when students were asked to leave campus, I had to go through three airports to get back home. My parents didn’t want to risk me possibly giving the virus to my younger siblings or catching it themselves, so I am confined to my bedroom for the two-week symptom period to be sure. It’s definitely been difficult. I’m fine with quarantining away from my family because I’d feel terrible if they got the virus from me, but my situation definitely feels debilitating, as I have to ask a family member to bring me snacks or something. I’m generally a very extraverted person, so going from hanging out with friends every day on campus to being alone in my room has been a tough adjustment. Classes give me something to do, but I also lack a lot of motivation to do my homework as I sit on my bed or in my room. Podcasts and FaceTime have helped me pass the time; I’ve found some cool new podcasts and have learned a lot from them. I’m able to go outside and take walks; I like to walk to the lake about a mile from my house and back. Nothing is ideal about my situation, but I would rather be bored for two weeks than make the situation worse.