Duquesne students talk essential items, everyday carry

Leah Devorak | Photo Editor
Leah Devorak | Photo Editor

By Sean Spencer | Staff Writer

Whether it’s making sure to have your fully charged phone to make it through the day, or making sure you have your favorite snack, your everyday carry is essential for your lifestyle. The term “everyday carry” refers to a collection of often small items that people carry on a regular basis.

According to men’s lifestyle publication The Art of Manliness, some of the most common items men carry are a cell phone, wallet, keychain, knife, flashlight, multi tool, pen, paper and watch. Buzzfeed found that women may carry pepper spray, a small mirror, a pen and makeup inside their purse, among other things.

Where the person is going usually determines what that person might bring. If someone is going to class, they may have a backpack filled with textbooks, binders, notebooks, pencils and pens, a laptop, snacks and a water bottle. However, if someone is going to the Power Center for a workout, they may bring a workout bag filled with water, snacks and  headphones for music.  

With that in mind, we asked some members of the Duquesne community to talk about their always-gotta-have-them items.

Name: Aaron Higgins-Brake, professor

Items: cell phone, keys, wallet, coffee mug, marker, notebook, clipboard, backpack, ibuprofen, book darts, pencils and pens, sunglasses, glasses, watch and books

Thoughts: “Notebook for taking notes from reading text, a grocery list and for class. I always got my clipboard to have loose sheets of paper. I had it since my first year of college. I always have my backpack on me and I have had it for five years.”


Name: Mary Ellen Wasco, freshman

Items: cell phone, book bag, pens, pencils, laptop, food, student ID and license

Thoughts: “My phone for school usually. My bookbag with pens, pencils, my laptop, food. I carry my [student] ID and license.”


Name: Juliet Aro, freshman

Items: writing utensils

Thoughts: “Vodka — just kidding! I always carry a bunch of writing utensils because I always find myself writing stuff down.”


Name: Meghan Horrell, freshman

Items: wallet, dorm key, ID, money, phone backpack, headphones and water bottles

Thoughts: “[I always have] my wallet with dorm key [inside of it], ID and money just in case I need something throughout the day.


Name: Royon Meerzadah, freshman

Items: phone, wallet, water bottle and headphones

Thoughts: “[I carry] my phone with a wallet thing in it so I have my cash and ID in it, my water bottle and headphones.”


Name: Tyler Siminski, senior

Items: cell phone, wallet, keys, watch and computer

Thoughts: “Every single day, I carry my phone, wallet and keys … I wear a watch. I bring my computer everywhere I go. Wallet obviously to pay for things. Phone to keep in touch with people. Computer because I never really know when I’m a need to do my school work. I like to have it on me just in case. [I wear a] watch to tell the time real quick.”


Name: Adam Milyak, senior

Items: wallet, keys and cell phone

Thoughts: “I carry my wallet, keys and [cell] phone in my pocket. I carry my wallet because my credit cards are in there if I wanna buy food and it has my ID. I carry my keys to get into my house. And my phone to communicate and for emergencies.”


Name: Michelle Han, sophomore

Items: cell phone, wallet, backpack and planner

Thoughts: “My phone and my wallet because I feel like I need those in case of an emergency. My backpack and planner for school.”


Name: Lexi Oakes, freshman

Items: student ID, headphones and water

Thoughts: “I always keep my [student] ID on me all the time. Headphones and water because I’m always going to the gym.”