Eat around the world: “Taste of America”

Claudia Hardy / Staff Writer


Claudia Hardy | Staff Writer

Claudia Hardy / Staff Writer

Duquesne University’s cultural ambassadors hosted their 2nd Annual Eat Around the World event on Thursday, April 4.

Students, faculty and staff had the opportunity to get a “taste of America” – breakfast for dinner style. Foods ranged from chicken and waffles to pancakes, fruit salad, bacon, sausage and an assortment of muffins. There was also a variety of juices and coffee available.

Attendees were also able to participate in a trivia game. Questions were Pittsburgh and Duquesne-themed.  

Later on, cultural ambassadors presented the history of American breakfast foods, where in the country they originated from, how they are made and traditional versus modern-day ways to prepare it.

“Our organization loves hosting these events,” Allie Holler, a double major in international relations and international security, said. “The Duquesne community gets the opportunity to learn more about American culture, while eating it at the same time.”

“…and not to mention, meeting new people! Duquesne offers endless opportunities for students to meet peers outside of a class setting, and this was just one of them,” Holler said.

Nursing major Yanling Chen enjoyed the event, as an opportunity for “meeting new people who have the same and different cultural experiences as me and bonding over good food.”

Holding an event for the Duquesne community also has its perks for the organization.

“Hosting an event like this allows us to get more support from students who are not affiliated with the organization,” Holler said. “More support means more funding, and more funding means more opportunities to hold events like this again in the future.”

In addition to hosting these events, cultural ambassadors also help incoming and current international students become more comfortable with adjusting to college life.

“We want to give students a proper feel of what it means to be a Duquesne student,” Holler said. “We want to build and foster these relationships to let them know that they have an outlet if they need us.”  

Cultural ambassador and biochemistry student Meron Metaferia also commented on the purpose of their organization. “They have the opportunity to connect with people from around the world,” Metaferia said, “I cannot stress enough how important it is to learn how to respect other cultures and have an open mind.”

Biochemistry student, Tiffany Ricketts, noted that her interest in the event was due to its diversity.

“This was an opportunity to get to know the organization and what their program is all about,” Ricketts said. “It allows the community to try something new that the university usually doesn’t offer.”