Expert NFL Predictions from The Duke’s Staff: Week 9

Twenty-year-old JuJu Smith-Schuster made team history with his 97-yard touchdown — the longest pass play in Pittsburgh’s history — as the Steelers edged out the Detroit Lions 20-15 on Oct. 29 at Ford Field.

Unsurprisingly, Smith-Schuster was the top receiver of the day, totalling 193 receiving yards with a touchdown. Running back Le’Veon Bell added 76 rushing yards and a touchdown as quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw for 317 yards.

The Pittsburgh victory gave all of The Duke editors a win for the week, keeping the leaderboard at a standstill for the time being.

This week’s matchup pits the Oakland Raiders against the Miami Dolphins for Sunday Night Football. Check below for the staff’s expert — and not-so-expert — predictions for the game.

As we hit the halfway mark of the season, the stakes are getting higher. How will the Duke staff fare after Week 9 of NFL play?

Don’t forget to check in each week to see how the editors are faring in this football-prediction frenzy.


Week 9: Oakland Raiders (3-5-0) vs. Miami Dolphins (4-3-0)

Raymond Arke 6-1  (News Editor): Dolphins

“I like their uniforms better.”

Shivani Gosai 5-2 (Opinions Editor):

“I went to Miami once and I thought I saw Kim K like 3 times. Turns out, everyone just looks like that down there. I’m going with the Dolphins.”

Zach Landau 3-4 (A&E Editor): Dolphins

“I consulted with the spirits, and I think they said the Dolphins, so Dolphins.”

Hallie Lauer 2-5 (Layout Editor): Raiders

“They sound very intimidating”

Bryanna McDermott 5-2 (Asst. Photo Editor): Dolphins

“Is anybody really a winner in this game?”