Expert NFL Predictions from The Duke’s Staff: Week 2

Courtesy of USA TODAY | Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers throws a pass against the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Divisional playoff game at AT&T Stadium.

The National Football League kicked off its 2017-18 season last week, drawing millions of eager viewers to their television screens to tune into the action after a long offseason.

Professional football has quickly become the sport of choice in America, with the average regular season NFL game attracting 16.5 million viewers last year, according to ESPN. However, not everyone on The Duke’s editorial staff shares the same enthusiasm.

Beginning Week 2, Duke editors, with a wide range of NFL knowledge – or a lack thereof – will face off, predicting the winner of the Sunday Night Football game each week.

Who will take home the metaphorical prize of pride after Week 2 of NFL play?

Check in each week to see how our editors are faring in this football prediction frenzy.

Week 2: Green Bay Packers (1-0-0) vs Atlanta Falcons (1-0-0):

Raymond Arke (News Editor): Falcons

“Matt Ryan is a boss.”


Leah Devorak (Editor-in-Chief): Packers

“They sound scary, and they could win. They’re intimidating.”


Shivani Gosai (Opinions Editor): Falcons

“I don’t know. I just guessed.”


Zach Landau (A&E Editor): Falcons

“Falcons are pretty cool birds, so my allegiances are with them.”


Ollie Gratzinger (Features Editor): Packers

“Zach said Falcons, and I want to counter Zach.”


Hallie Lauer (Layout Editor): Packers

“I can’t think of what the Falcons’ outfits look like, and I know I like the Packers’ helmets.”


Adam Lindner (Sports Editor): Falcons

“Matt Ryan’s nickname (Matty Ice) is one of the best nicknames in football.”


Kailey Love (Photo Editor): Packers

“I remember them winning a lot, so I believe that is the correct decision.”


Bryanna McDermott (Asst. Photo Editor): Packers

“Aaron Rodgers was great in those State Farm commercials.”

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