Fall Fashion 2015: Men’s and Women’s

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Photo by Gabriella Vaccaro | The Duquesne Duke. Freshman Physician’s assistant major Caitlin Lordo wears a long sleeved black dress with a light brown fur vest. She also wears sleek black boots and a long silver necklace.

By Gabriella Vaccaro | The Duquesne Duke

The Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is back, pumpkins are popping up here and there and the temps will be dropping soon. This can only mean one thing: it’s time to ditch the sandals and shorts and pull out the fall wardrobe.

Photo by Gabriella Vaccaro | The Duquesne Duke. Lordo wears a floral pattern dress, sticking to a ’70s theme of prints.
Photo by Gabriella Vaccaro | The Duquesne Duke. Lordo wears a floral pattern dress, sticking to a ’70s theme of prints.

The timeless look of black and white has regained popularity within the fashion industry as this fall’s top colors. From high-end designers such as Prada to more affordable brands such as H&M, all collections prove that black and white are the essential go-to fall colors.

Other brands, such as Express, also touched on light brown paired with white or cream, creating a softer, more romantic look.

On the opposite end, Antoinette DePasquale, manager at Maxalto boutique in Shadyside, said that a “haute-hippie” movement will be seen this fall with dresses full of ‘70s-inspired print.

Lace, tweed and furs are the most common textures for this fall’s fashion.

“I see a lot of beautiful plaids, both in clothing and shoes … also tweeds, furs, suedes and leathers,” said DePasquale.

Lace detailing adds something extra to any outfit, and can be dressed up or down. Either a simple lace design or an intriguing pattern can really contribute to the overall look.

Tweed brings a unique texture to fall and winter looks, specifically in jackets and purses. Even adding a small tweed element to a simple outfit raises it up to make a more couture look.

Photo by Gabriella Vaccaro | The Duquesne Duke. Lordo wears a cream shirt with a black tweed accent. Her necklace adds a unique pop next to the neutral colors.
Photo by Gabriella Vaccaro | The Duquesne Duke. Lordo wears a cream shirt with a black tweed accent. Her necklace adds a unique pop next to the neutral colors.

Loafers, once thought to be an “old-man” look, are now becoming popular among young women. “Lady loafers” are basically an oxford flat with a flirty or edgy design. A new twist with adding a heel to the bottom of these shoes has popped up in several designers’ collections.

Sleek boots and booties are back yet again and black is the way to go. This sophisticated look can be dressed up with high heel booties or boots, or dressed down with a chunkier heel. Find a bootie with a small chain or spikes for an edgier look.

“The bootie downplays a dressy dress [because] it’s not so structured,” DePasquale said. “I think the bootie can go with jeans and dresses and skirts; it’s just a refreshing new look.”

DePasquale’s favorite aspect about fall fashion is the variety on offer.

“The wonderful thing [about this season], I think, is that everything is so across the board,” she said. “I don’t think there is one particular trend coming out … there are all types of looks coming out this season. It’s so liberating we don’t have to stick to one style.”

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Photo by Gabriella Vaccaro | The Duquesne Duke. Lordo wears a necklace from Francesca’s ($8.99).

By Sydney McCabe | The Duquesne Duke

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Photo by Gabriella Vaccaro | The Duquesne Duke. Lordo wears a gray sweater-dress from Goodwill ($4.99), Steve Madden booties from Marshalls ($17.99) and a necklace from Francesca’s ($8.99). Paired with the outfit is a vintage ’50s bag from Highway Robbery ($18.00).

This fall, women’s fashion will be dominated by clean cuts in neutral tones and modern accessories in bright colors and patterns. The classic looks of the 1920s and ‘30s are being upgraded with elements of the whimsical vibes of the 1970s and ‘80s, creating a perfect balance of refined and playful.

But how exactly can you achieve this Blair Waldorf style without a Blair Waldorf budget?

The best thing about this season’s fashion is its emphasis on classic pieces which can be worn repeatedly with different accessories to create an original look each time. Luckily, this makes the quest to obtain this year’s style a little easier on your wallet.

When looking to obtain these fashions quickly and on a budget, a day trip to Shadyside or Southside should do the trick. For more refined, elegant pieces, stop by Highway Robbery on East Carson Street in Southside. The store carries vintage pieces in perfect or near-perfect condition that align themselves perfectly with the fashion on this season’s runway. And everything in the store is college-budget friendly, ranging from about $18-$70.

“The owner [Kate Colussy] curates authentic vintage pieces. She goes to different sales, like estate sales, and gets authentic clothes ranging from the 1940s to ‘90s,” said Highway Robbery sales associate Sarah Collins.

Photo by Gabriella Vaccaro | The Duquesne Duke. Paired with Lordo's outfit is a vintage ’50s bag from Highway Robbery ($18.00).
Photo by Gabriella Vaccaro | The Duquesne Duke. Paired with Lordo’s outfit is a vintage ’50s bag from Highway Robbery ($18.00).

Afterward stop in at the Goodwill a few blocks down, where it is easy to find colorful accents and accessories for five dollars or less to complete your look. As an added bonus, college students receive ten percent off with their ID.

If you’d rather not tackle the Southside steps, grab a group and head to Shadyside. If you’re willing to fork over a few extra dollars for added quality, Eons Fashion Antique on Ellsworth Avenue offers clothes for men and women with a little bit of history.

Owner Richard Parsakian describes the pieces in Eons Fashion as “strictly vintage, with items from the 1880s to the 1980s.”

Once you’ve covered the classic aspect of this fall’s look, head to Hey Betty! on the same street to pick up the seventies inspired accessories to complete the perfect fall wardrobe. The store curates whimsical accessories, shoes and clothes perfect for adding color to your outfit.

If after all your saving on this season’s look you find yourself willing to splurge, a definite go-to would be a long tweed coat, to keep you both fall-chic and sheltered from the Pittsburgh cold.

By Joseph Sykes | Sports Editor

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Photo by Joseph Sykes | The Duquesne Duke. Senior international relations and advertising major Ben Dugan pairs a watch with a simple gray shirt, basic jeans and gray shoes. This look epitomizes the “street” style that is this season’s trend in men’s fashion. The look is centered on muted colors and uncomplicated garments. The timeless style is an easy way to keep your wardrobe up to date without too much work.

If you’re a guy, it can be downright tough trying to keep up with the latest trends out of the Milan, Paris and New York fashion weeks – if you even know those exist. Some of the outfits modeled at these events were bizarre beyond all belief. However, if you happen to look close enough, you may gain some valuable tips that in turn could help you master your wardrobe heading into the colder months.

The “street” style – any combination of jeans, sneakers, boots, hoodies, sweaters and long jackets – graced the many runways within the men’s fashion world. Nordstrom’s sales associate Alexa Saunders wasn’t surprised this trend took center stage. She has seen the style transcend multiple generations over the past couple of years and believes it will continue leaving a mark this fall.

“What we’re really seeing when it comes to menswear is a lot of street styles,” Saunders said. “You’ll see it more when it comes to younger men, but we’re also noticing that inspiration transferring over to the older generations. For instance, you’ll see a lot of grays, blacks, cranberries and navies.”

The style seems simple enough to follow, but if you’re not sure how to find the combination that suits you, look to our friendly neighbors across the pond. Europeans like to wear dark-colored, slim-fitting clothes, which Saunders believes is starting to pick up over here in the States. Former soccer superstar David Beckham is a great example from which you can steal some ideas. Some of Beckham’s casual styles include wearing Adidas or Nike sneakers with dark, almost black jeans and gray sweaters and jackets, with the occasional beanie to top the outfit off. It’s helpful to know that almost any type of shoe can fit this style. Sneakers obviously work, but oxfords and boots can set it off.

Of course, the task of actually shopping is one that men usually find to be a bore. Thankfully, for those of you who fall into that category, there are a number of trendy men’s clothing websites that will help you find your own unique style. Jack Threads and the Canadian-based Frank & Oak are two highly popular sites that are up to date with all the latest trends, making your fashion life a tad easier.

“When it comes to online shopping, a lot of men use that as their core base, rather than coming into brick-and-mortar stores, because it’s just a lot easier to see each item of clothing on a model, which gives you a better picture,” Saunders said.

Also, don’t be afraid to throw your own spin on this style. Anything from your favorite baseball cap to an old watch can help you stand out amongst the crowd.

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