Fall Fashion 2016

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By Jamie Crow | Staff Writer

Even though it’s still 80 degrees and humid outside, it’s time to start getting ready for the fall. Fall means everything pumpkin, caramel and apple flavored are back, but it also means that it’s time to put away the shorts and t-shirts and start thinking about fall fashion. Trends change with every season, oftentimes more outlandish each year. This season, however, one of the main focuses is to pull styles from the past and put a modern twist on them.


Included in the revamp this season are bomber jackets, which were initially created for military pilots. Bomber jackets were eventually transformed into a fashion piece, and they’ve been popular for decades. A recent sleeker, more modern design has made them one of the most popular staples, with their versatile nature allowing them to be dressed up or down and the variety of colors and styles making them fit for a wide range of outfits.

This doesn’t mean that you have to leave your favorite sweaters in the closet, though. Sweaters are a classic take on fall fashion, and it’s hard to see them ever going out of style. Sophomore Sara Schuster says that sweaters are her favorite fall staple.

“I love them because they’re cozy while still being cute,” she said.

However, Morgan Wano, a junior fashion marketing major at Kent State University, said that one way to wear a more trendy sweater this season is to go the cropped route or even opt for an off-the-shoulder option. If you prefer a more classic sweater, going for a burnt orange or an olive green is an easy way to make the transition to fall.


With the lasting heat, it can be hard for some to make the switch to jeans right now. Enter the structured skirt. Once again, we’re taking a vintage style and putting a modern twist on it. The structured skirt reappeared this year, with most girls opting for a versatile denim version. To make the transition to fall, one in corduroy or khaki works, too. Once the temperatures start to drop, we can pull out the jeans, but Wano noted that flared cuts are coming back into style. Not to worry, though, for skinny jeans seem to have a permanent place in the hearts of trendy millennials.


Keeping with the old-made-new trend, loafers for women are on the rise again. Making them more youthful and modern, this season has seen the addition of tassels, buckles or a chunky heel. Wano said that the chunky heel has been a trend in shoes across the board, also appearing on boots. Like last year, boots and booties are still in fashion. In all of these shoe options, brown has become seemingly more popular than classic black, and burgundy and olive green are also making a prominent appearance in the shoe world this season.


Choker necklaces are back. The classic, black ‘90s choker is hip yet again, and it brought some friends. Velvet chokers are a solid color option that can go well with any outfit, and a lot of dressier, more sophisticated options for the choker are popping up lately. Also popular are layered necklaces with a wide variety of charms, and gold layered necklaces complement any outfit in the fall color scheme fabulously.


Bigger, longer eyelashes are becoming more popular this season. Contouring became a big trend this year, but Wano said that it faded as quickly as it came.

“Fresh faces with a glossy lip are becoming more and more popular,” she said. “Highlighting is becoming more popular, but overall, a fresher look is becoming more of the trend.”

This is only a taste of the wide world of fashion this season. With so many new trends, it’ll be easy to mix and match or to pick a new staple for your wardrobe. When in doubt, just going for the classic autumn color scheme will always make the transition to fall more fun. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to try to stay on trend, but the most important fashion tip to remember is to wear what makes you feel comfortable, happy and confident.


By Leah Devorak | Layout Editor

From reinvented classics to reinstated fads, designers everywhere during fall fashion season showed that nothing old is ever really dead. Don’t let that scare you, though. While some of the resurrected trends, like elastic waistbands and Wild West prints, will probably never make it off runways, others are much more feasible for the every-man’s wardrobe.


One of the most obvious trends for this fall is something Vogue calls “Kitsch Perfect.” It features shirts with incredibly graphic designs — anything from a silhouetted couple kissing at sunset to brightly-colored block letters. Worn slightly oversized, paired with cleanly-tailored trousers and layered under an open button-down or jacket, these shirts give anyone the perfect casually-cool vibe.

A more subtle style is the return of the classic ’70s silk shirt. Go for less “Soul Train” and more Lucky Blue Smith, though, by sticking to matte fabrics in dark, autumnal shades like charcoal, burgundy, rust or forest green. Even feel free to rock a white one despite Labor Day having passed. Just avoid shiny fabrics at all costs; you want to look classy, not like cellophane.

The final major shirt trend this season is what Nick Carvell, associate style editor of British GQ, calls the funnel neck. Found on many pull-over sweatshirts now instead of hoods, this loose turtle neck is the stylish, modern way keep yourself warm in the chilly fall air. Pair it with an oversized jacket for extra chicness.


There’s only one new thing for men’s pants this fall, and it’s about to make every guy really happy: slouchy fits.

Yes, fellas. Skinny, tight and uncomfortable are finally moving out of fashion.

Seen in shows like Bottega Veneta and Hermes, runways earlier this year were swarmed with loosely-cut pants, whether they were joggers, jeans or slacks. The amount of wiggle room ranged from fit-and-flare to full on sagging, so feel free to try any cut you like.

Make sure to keep proportions in mind when styling, though. Loose on bottom always calls for fitted on top in order to avoid looking like your clothes have swallowed you whole.


The oxford still reigns king of the shoe jungle, but this time around, the classic style has a bit of a remake. Now featuring thick, rubberized soles, Carvell points out that they’re coming in all sorts of eye-catching designs and colors. And styling them is still just as simple as before if you stick to a sleek, monochrome look with the rest of your garments.


The accessory of choice for guys right now, according to Vogue, is the effortless bomber jacket. In shades from khaki to oxblood to utility green, this piece of outerwear gives a naturally stylish vibe to every outfit.

However, when wanting a more formal look have no fear, for military-inspired jackets are also here. Seen in shows like Burberry and Alexander McQueen, these neutral-colored pea coats feature beautiful, metallic detailing that mimics the elegant military jackets of old. They’re perfect for adding just the right amount of sophistication to both your dressy attire and everyday wardrobe.


Last – but most certainly not least – are the colors, patterns and little extras soon to be seen everywhere. First up is copper, an autumnal shade of orange that goes perfect with almost any other shade out there, making it very easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.

A more classic look to try, though, is brown plaid, seen in fashion shows like Prada, Gucci, Etro and Fendi. Worn heavily by all in the greater part of the last century, it’s making its comeback this season. From scarves to sweaters to coats, this pattern is one of the coziest ways to embrace the upcoming season.

Finally, if you see anything with patchwork or embroidery, pick it up. Featured heavily in Dolce & Gabbana, there’s nothing cooler than a jean jacket, backpack or pair of slacks with some kitschy stitching to spice it up.