Fall fashion 2014, a similar season arises: men’s stays static, while women’s evolves

Features - fashion 1 - fbBy: Carrie Garrison and Zach Brendza | The Duquesne Duke

This fall brings new daring trends and a return of classic looks. Colors like summer neutrals, camels and blacks will transition into fall, but it’s time to trade sandals in for fall booties and sweater tights. Summer jean jackets will become autumn’s trending faux-fur coats and over-embellished scarves. Local fashionistas agree and share their insight on this season’s hottest trends.


Pastels are the most daring trend this fall. Normally seen in spring, these colors are emerging and will be trending this fall and winter.

Soft pink and soft yellows are in this years, according to Sarah Breon, buyer at Larrimor’s store Downtown.

“On the runway they’re calling them winter pastels,” Breon said.

Jason Wu and Marc Jacobs showcased an array of pastels at their fall/winter runway show. Some of these looks included mint blazers and soft pink fur coats.

Emerald green is another adventurous color to add to your closet. “Variations on emerald is going to be another popular color because it works beautifully with other colors and adds that daring pop of color,” ModCloth ModStylist Alyssa Boyd said.

As always, neutrals will also be trending this fall. Wearable neutrals like camel, gray and black have a classic appeal that will never be out of style, according to Breon.

Breon referenced a black Marchesa Voyage blazer with minimal ruffle embellishment that would be a great neutral to pair with any fall ensemble.

(Fred Blauth / The Duquesne Duke) Media managment grad student Jianing Li wears a shirt with leopard print accents.
(Fred Blauth / The Duquesne Duke) Media managment grad student Jianing Li wears a shirt with leopard print accents.

Prints and Textures

There are two trends with prints this season: very bold graphic prints and animal prints.like python, according to Liz Petoniak, Style editor at WHIRL Magazine. Petoniak has been at WHIRL for about a year and just finished researching fall fashion for her recent article for the magazine.

Whichever you choose, the bolder the better. Bold prints are the newest trend, according to E.B. Pepper, owner of E.B. Pepper Boutique in Shadyside. Jacquard print is especially making a comeback for this fall.

“Metallic is a must,” according to Boyd. Look for prints with metallic embellishments. Rag and Bone features many metallics for fall.

The chunky sweater is forever a fall staple, but this year it’s adding an array of textures. “There’s a lot of knits” Breon said. “A lot of mixed textures … leather along with knit.”


It’s time to move away from form-fitting and sift through your boyfriend’s closet. Cuts for this season should be casual, border-line baggy and relaxed, according to Petoniak.

Skirts are also changing trends. Mod ‘60s style is back and is especially relevant with skirts. “Skirts are longer, [they’re] below the knee,” Pepper said.

Mid-length skirts can easily go from a daytime professional look to a nighttime style, simply pair it with the right heel or bootie.


Keep bottoms casual and relaxed, but pair them with a fitted jacket. According to Breon, fitted jackets are the biggest trend this fall. “You can wear it for daytime or nighttime,” she said.

Pair your fitted jacket with a pair of jeans in a nice dark, clean wash. This particular style of jean can be dressed up or down and is perfect for a fancy evening out, or a casual Saturday.

Oversized sweaters, a fall staple, will be making a comeback this fall. “Oversized sweaters … Almost like blankets.” Petoniak said. “The bigger the better.”

Outerwear in trend includes anything comfortable.

“Anything that’s warm and fuzzy,” Pepper said. “Coats have a lot of fake fur.”

Keep yourself warm this season with a statement faux-fur jacket, the softer the better.


Scarves will return in full force this fall. But, this time they’re focusing on a plethora of patterns, embellishment and color.

Accessories aim to make a statement this season. “Beads, embroidery and a whole mess of colors and layers,” Boyd said.

Earrings have become a statement, according to Petoniak. “Dior made double-sided earrings and now everyone’s copying it.”

Be bold with earrings and scarves, but keep necklaces, bracelets and rings to a minimum. Minimalistic jewelry is trending this season.

“It’s really delicate and fine,” Breon said.

Purses haven’t changed much for fall. “Structured bags are still reigning supreme,” Petoniak said.

This fall calls for a clean simplistic look. “Simple satchels … [they] give a back-to-school splash combined with a polished professional look,” Boyd said.


Accented eyebrows are back and they’re here to stay, according to Petoniak.

“Try to mix color into your brows to give them that extra pop,” Boyd said. “Also, you can never go wrong with big, bold lashes.”

Lipstick is also trending and this fall features darker colors. “Plum is definitely the hottest color this fall,” Petoniak added.

Of course, the ombre style is still in style. “Ombre is still seeing its heyday,” Petoniak said.

Shades of red hair are trending and the messy look is still very much in style, according to Petoniak.

Braids, twists and unique hair textures are trending, according to Boyd. “Also, center those parts … The ‘90s are back!”

Men’s fashion

(Fred Blauth / The Duquesne Duke) Senior finance major Andy Mysliwiec wears a button-up and Khaki pants.
(Fred Blauth / The Duquesne Duke) Senior finance major Andy Mysliwiec wears a button-up and Khaki pants.

In the world of men’s fashion, it’s business as usual, with some variation.

“With guys, the trends move a lot slower. The way they buy is for quality and things that will last several years,” said Kyle Shaffer, manager of Decade in the South Side. “So a lot of things, cut of pants cuts of shirts, those don’t change as drastically.”

Coming out of summer and moving into fall, contrasting details on shirts (solid colored shirts with patterned parts) have seen success at the shop. Shirt jackets, lighter wear used for layering, are gaining popularity as well. As for pants, Shaffer can’t keep raw denim jeans on the shelf, with black denim being popular as well.

A somewhat unexpected change in men’s fashion is the rise of crazy socks. Not a product limited to a certain demographic, photographers, marketers and anyone else can get it on, Shaffer said.

Coming out of summer, trends that have done well are carying over to the fall. Look for contrasting details, a lot of solid colors with prints and sporadic patterns.

“You wouldn’t think a lot of people would come in and spend $14 on a pair of socks, but they are,” Shaffer said. “It’s a little detail that guys can mix in and have fun with their wardrobe.”

This season brings some new and daring trends. Let the autumn season bring out your inner-fashionista. This fall is the perfect time to experiment with winter pastels, blanket sweaters and a statement eyebrow.