Five ice cream shops that should be your ice cream stops

Photo by Kailey Love | Photo Editor. Pittsburgh Ice Cream Company is one of the best choices for those in search of more eclectic ice cream flavors suited to the seasons.

Photo by Kailey Love | Photo Editor. Pittsburgh Ice Cream Company is one of the best choices for those in search of more eclectic ice cream flavors suited to the seasons.

By Jessica Goldstein | Staff Writer

Like an ice cream cone melting away in the sweltering sun, summer disappeared as quickly as it arrived. Just because the season is coming to a close doesn’t mean the exploration and discovery of ice cream parlors has to end. There are quite a few Pittsburgh ice cream shops that are close to campus and can satisfy your sweet tooth. Here are five options found around the city that will have you screaming for ice cream like summer lasts forever.

The Milkshake Factory in the South Side on 17th and East Carson is an ice cream and milkshake shop, as well as a chocolatier. This traditional sweets shop is a very common stop for Duquesne students and all South Side residents. Between their classic shakes like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry and their signature shakes like red velvet, PB&J and cupcake, no choice is a wrong one. Aside from their famous milkshakes, they also sell sundaes, sodas, candy and drinks. Stopping by this unique shop is a must if you find yourself wandering the streets in South Side.

Ben & Jerry’s on Penn and 10th is an iconic branch. You haven’t really experienced the desires of the college lifestyle if you haven’t bought a pint of Ben & Jerry’s on a midnight snack run. However, that small amount of ice cream cannot compare to the wonders of the in-store Ben & Jerry’s experience. Run-of-the-mill ice cream flavors are neither Ben nor Jerry’s style. With unique flavors like Bourbon Brown Butter, Chocolate Therapy (all chocolate everything) and Phish Food (think chocolate ice cream, marshmallow, caramel and fudge), it’s no wonder most fans of the ice cream shop don’t tend to stick with the typical vanilla and chocolate. Sundaes, sorbets, smoothies and shakes are all options with which you can’t go wrong.

Dream Cream Ice Cream has one of the most distinctive missions of Pittsburgh’s ice cream shops (aside from serving delicious ice cream). The people who “work” at this parlor are actually volunteers and are raising money for a worthy cause that the Dream Cream team approved. They will allow anyone with a valid cause for fundraising to give a portion of the money they make to a warranted charity. They scoop out dreams and ice cream. The goal is to sell ice cream and raise money for great foundations or charities, usually around the Pittsburgh area. They serve more than a dozen “dream” flavors like birthday bash and coffee, as well as serving Pittsburgh’s communities. Ice cream just got a little sweeter, knowing you’re getting a tasty treat and helping someone’s dream come true. Make sure to stop in to this sweet little shop on Liberty and 5th.

Klavon’s Authentic 1920’s Ice Cream Parlor has everything you could want in an ice cream parlor, plus so much more. Not only are there unique and fun ice cream flavors, floats, sundaes, sodas and splits, they also serve paninis and soups. Why not make a meal out of your trip to Penn and 28th in the Strip District? However, if ice cream is what you seek, ice cream is what you will find. They first opened in 1923, closed for two decades from 1979 to 1999, then reopened again. After over 70 years of sales, they know a thing or two about how to sell mouthwatering ice cream. Between coffee, blue monster (cookie dough ice cream and cookies and cream combined… yum!) and death by chocolate, their ice cream skills are impressive, having learned the art from Penn State Creamery ice cream courses. Travel back in time to the roaring ‘20s when you visit this quirky ice cream parlor.

Pittsburgh Ice Cream Company approaches their business with inimitable fun and creativity. Every season, they have different flavors to accompany the theme of the season. In the summer, they present flavors like whiskey peach and strawberry balsamic. For the fall, they give you flavors such as apple pie and pumpkin. Winter time is full of flavors like fresh ground eggnog and juniper cranberry. Lastly, you can spring into spring with flavors like rhubarb and lemon basil chevre. With this different approach, the flavors you may be getting bored of in the summer melt away into the entertaining flavors of the fall. If you’re searching for an interesting new location to gratify your ice cream cravings, look no further than Market Street and 5th, right next to Market Square.

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