Foster, Andexler face off before SGA election

By Addison Smith | Opinions Editor

The Student Government Association hosted its first ever Meet the Candidates on Tuesday evening to prepare for elections Feb. 17. Presidential candidates David Andexler and John Foster each took the stand for four minutes to discuss their plans for the University.

Both have experience in student government. Andexler, who is representing the Spirit Party, is the current vice president of academic affairs for SGA. Foster, who is representing the United Party, is the current executive vice president of the Resident Hall Association. They will both be going into their senior years.

Foster, a junior in international relations and history, is running on a four pillar platform: communication & partnership, residence life, Greek life and initiatives. Andexler is also running on a four pillar platform: unity, experience, leadership and transparency, the same four pillars that current SGA president and Spirit Party member Peter Samson ran under last year.

Foster’s main initiative is called the Student Loan Initiative Program (SLIP), which would provide UCOR textbooks in the SGA office to borrow. The only payment, according to Foster, would be a ‘thank you’ note. Current Vice President of Finance Attila Mihalik asked Foster where funding would come from for the new program. Foster quickly responded that he would cut down funding for the Student Organization Resource Center to purchase the textbooks.

Andexler is hoping to continue initiatives started by the current SGA executive board, including a volunteerism and service grant to organizations that do philanthropy work. He is also hoping to continue the work of Samson in raising school spirit.

“We all know our mission statement,” Andexler said. “But no one at Duquesne believes we have a strong identity.”

Foster also hopes to foster more school spirit, and will partner with Red & Blue Crew president Cody Bach if elected. He has also had discussions with new DPC president Abby Ruple on increasing cooperation with the two organizations to grow school camaraderie and spirit.

Foster also has aspirations for the annual Night of Lights. He said he wants to make the event more college-student friendly. He wants to look into the feasibility of having an ice skating rink placed on campus for Night of Lights and winter months.