Hogwarts Happy Hour delights Potterheads

Katia Faroun / Photo Editor Brennan Bizon, James Matson and David DeFelice participate in one of the many Potter-themed games.
Katia Faroun / Photo Editor
Brennan Bizon, James Matson and David DeFelice participate in one of the many Potter-themed games.

Claire Neiberg | Staff Writer


On Oct. 26, the Honors College kicked off the Duquesne University Halloween festivities by hosting its annual Hogwarts Happy Hour, better known as the “Harry Potter Party.” This two-hour event featured games, food, prizes and a whole night of fun centered around the “Wizarding World” of Harry Potter.

The Towers Multi-Purpose Room was transformed into a maze of Harry Potter-themed games leading up to a table full of incredible prizes. When guests first walked in, they were given a sheet of paper where they could keep track of the “galleons” they received. The galleons were then exchanged for prizes at the end of the night and could be won by participating in the myriad of games.

One of the most popular events was the Sorting Hat simulation. Guests could be sorted into their correct Hogwarts House depending on their personality type. Jars of Starburst representing Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin piled up throughout the night to determine which house dominated the party.

While Pizza Milano provided delicious food for guests to enjoy, the Harry Potter-themed snacks were the icing on the cake. As a prize for winning “Butter Beer Pong,” participants were granted a glass of homemade butter beer. At the “Potions Practical” booth, guests could follow recipes and concoct their own potions to drink. There was also plenty of Halloween candy to go around.

Some of the games challenged Harry Potter knowledge, such as when guests pulled quotes out of a bowl and had to guess the character who said it from both the books and the movies. Similarly, guests could throw darts at a spell board that corresponded to the game’s host’s  given task.

One of the stations was based on the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie, as guests had to match the beast to where the animal originated from, providing for an enlightening experience. Another booth had the guests decode ancient runes revealing iconic Harry Potter quotes.

There were also easier, less competitive games, such as pinning the famous lightning scar on Harry Potter. Several booths were set up to tell fortunes and predict the future. The Azkaban Mugshots were a way for guests to capture the night by trying on Harry Potter gear that correlated to their respective house and getting to pose with a Hedwig owl stuffed animal and other figures from the series.

At the end of the night, the guests made their way over to the table of Harry Potter merchandise. The prizes varied from small stickers to grand prizes such as bedding sets and apparel, ensuring everyone who played a game could walk away with something to remind them of the night.

Hogwarts Happy Hour was a success, as it catered to all ages. It was the perfect party for self-proclaimed Harry Potter fans, but non-Harry Potter fans could also follow along and indulge in the fun as well. Overall, it was a magical, muggle-free evening all thanks to the Honors College.