The Most Honest 2017 Housing Guide


HOUSING is one of those things that matters a lot in college. Sure, classes and extracurriculars will help to pad a résumé. Your room, however, is where many of the truly meaningful interactions will take place. Friendships will be forged, jokes will be made, essays will be written, love will be found — or lost — and all-nighters will push your brain to the limit.

With that, enter The Duke’s 2017-2018 Housing Guide. We’ve gathered together all the important information needed to make an educated housing decision. Most importantly, this isn’t some marketing pitch for any of Duquesne’s options — our goal is to present both the assets and imperfections of each Living Learning Center. To that end, we’ve talked to Duquesne students with first-hand expereince living in the various buildings. Take it from them, not us. Even further, for those looking to venture off campus next year, we’ve put together an entire page dedicated to landlords and realtors pitching their openings. Our suggestion? Start that search early.

Finally, some notes about reading this guide. Thanks to Residence Life’s Dan Cangilla, we’ve included a list of essential facts for each Living Learning Center, some of which require explanation to fully understand. Capacities work off of base estimates, so expect some fluctuation depending on how rooms are filled. Also, laundry facilities vary from building to building, but are free of charge campus wide.

The listed costs are based on a single semester of the 2016-2017 prices. Expect them to differ slightly for 2017-2018. Additionally, within each building the price varies based on the size of the room and the amount of residents living there. For ease of use we’ve listed the price for a traditional double, meaning two residents, for all LLC’s except Des Places and Brottier. The price listed for Des Places is for a two-bedroom suite with two residents per room. The number for Brottier is the cost of a furnished, one-bedroom apartment for a 12 month lease ▪

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