How to update your wardrobe

Anna Walnoha | Staff Writer


Just last week, New York Fashion Week came to an end, but with the end came 2018’s trends for this fall. Models strode the runway sporting the latest, or perhaps retro, wear.

Designers such as Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs brought back neon prints and ’80s wear. Often people don’t think of wearing neon during the fall, they think of plaid and warm neutral colors, but not this year.

If neon or being a walking ‘lite-brite’ is not your thing, there are still many ways to keep your fall wardrobe up-to-date and in style.

A theme on the runway this year was warmth; blanket coats and blanket scarves.They were wrapped around the men and women showing the different designer’s lines that are getting the public ready for the cold weather to come. We have seen blanket scarves in past years, but now they are being layered with other bulky clothing for a bundled up look.

There isn’t one style of blanket coats though, it could be a wrap, raincoat, parka, etc. If it can double as a puffy comforter, then it can be called a blanket coat. This season, cozy is key.

Also back from the ’80s are rainbow tights, but they are returning with a Boho twist, being worn with floral prints, Bohemian prints, and other fun patterns.

Colors like burnt orange, teal and pink were being worn with short and mid- length dresses and skirts. You may go for a Rainbow Bright look, or you can pair this colorful accessory with neutral pieces you may already have in your wardrobe. Color is going to be a major player this fall, there will be no hiding behind black and other dark colors.

On the topic of color, sunglasses with colored lenses are also going to be popular this fall. Cat eye, square, round, sport, and retro square are only a handful of the possible frames you could wear with a colored lense. Pink seemed to be a popular color on the catwalk, but also seen were light green, blue, and orange. These are easy and small accessories that anyone can get their hands on. Adding sunglasses can boost any outfit and can raise many compliments

Another accessory that is a fall staple are knee-high boots. Perfect for when you want to spice up your outfit, but also keep your ankles dry when the snow starts to fall. Pair them with jeans and a flannel or a long-sleeved dress. Either way you’ll stay warm and look cute doing it.

Animal prints also graced the runway this August. It can be whimsical, but animal prints can also make your outfit look fierce. Pair the print with some statement earrings and a pair of your favorite platform boots and you will have an outfit that is ready for the runway. Buy an animal print that is also made with color, a cheetah print that is pink or leopard that is yellow.

On the other end of the spectrum, Western wear, or cowboy chic, was also a hot topic of conversation on the runway. When designers Dries Van Noten and Calvin Klein showed how denim and cowhide can be very fashion forward, crowds were amazed. An example is wearing a denim long-sleeve button up with a pair of denim jeans and booties, or a floral dress paired with a cowhide vest.

Leather jackets and coats with fringe and Bolo ties will also be great additives to a closet this fall. If color is not your thing and you do not want to show your style through color, this trend is a way to stay neutral but in style.

2018 is going to go out with a bang. This will be the most vibrant fall we have seen in years. You do not have to stop at only one style or one accessory, you can wear colorful leggings one day and be cowboy chic the next. Be vivid and show your dynamic style, and if you do not relate to any of these tips or styles, there will always be 2019 spring trends to wait for.

Also in the fashion world for a while now, but back with a vengeance this year, is mixing patterns. Try wearing stripes with cheetah; mixing patterns can be a fun way to spruce up the otherwise dreary fall.

Back for another year is also suede. Suede button up skirts made their debut last year and have caught on here at Duquesne. These are perfect for class or dinner with your parents. Pair them with an off the shoulder top for those warmer days, or a bulky sweater and tights when things take a turn colder. These are great when you want to take something that is already in your wardrobe and change it as the seasons do.

Fashion is ever changing, and you can make your own rules for your own style. If you do not like a certain aspect about an outfit, change it the way you want to and make it your own. That is what fashion is about, creating something new and inventive to show your personality. There is not one way to do or wear fashion, so make your mark.