Jessica Lange makes much-anticipated return to AHS

Kevin Sheppard | Staff Writer


Ladies and gentlemen, kings and queens, witches and warlocks. Jessica Lange is back to make American Horror Story great again. On the Oct. 17 episode, Lange shook the American Horror Story world by making a cameo as Constance Langdon, the first of many of Lange’s iconic characters.

Hopefully we all remember Constance Langdon, the cynically quick witted mother of the love to hate and hate to love Tate Langdon. It’s been seven years since we have seen the ominous and majestic murder house. But, sometimes you can’t get enough of a good thing, last week’s American Horror Story: Apocalypse took us back in time in the episode appropriately named, “Return to Murder House”.

As much as we love spilling the tea, we hate a spoiler-sister. So there will be no mention of what role the beloved Constance played in that episode. For many people who either don’t watch American Horror Story or are just starting it, there would be a variety of questions they would have. Why is everyone so excited for Jessica Lange’s return? What makes Jessica’s characters so important? What role did she play in the series? In order to answer these questions, it is imperative that Jessica’s greatest hits of American Horror Story are highlighted.

Let’s start with season one, Murder House. Constance Langdon taught us how to waltz into a neighbor’s house, insult them, steal their silverware and then leave like she owns the place. Not to mention Constance’s iconic line, “Jesus H. Christ.” Then, of course, there’s her jaw-dropping entrance in Apocalypse. There is a lot more to say about that, but sorry, no spoilers…

In season two, Asylum, we have Sister Jude. Lange successfully gave the American Horror Story audience a character so complex, that she might as well be her own college major. From being a strict and stone cold disciplinarian, to being a victim of a series of divinely unfortunate events.

Just in time for the witching hour, we have Fiona Goode. This fashionista made her debut in season three: Coven. In all honesty, Fiona made being diabolical seem more stylish than a pair of Gucci slides. Seriously, Fiona Goode gave everyone an incentive to take that loan needed for that next semester of college and go use it for a Chanel shopping spree. We love a treat yourself moment — we love that for us.

Last but most certainly not least, we have Elsa Mars. She brought the meaning of talent to a new level in the series fourth season, Freak Show. With Elsa, it’s a good idea to appreciate her version of “Hero’s” a song of the late David Bowie. The American Horror Story community was absolutely quaking with that performance.

American Horror Story has a superb variety of talented actors and actresses, ranging from Sarah Paulson to Evan Peters. However, there’s a certain vibe that Jessica Lange gives off that sets her aside from the others. She is a legend. She is an icon. So grab your pumpkin spice whatever, grab whatever device you watch Netflix on, and let your spooky season thrive with American Horror Story and its queen: Jessica Lange.