Through its open mic nights and art show performances, :Lexicon has be proud to highlight the musical talents of the Duquesne community. As of Spring 2015, :Lexicon now takes music submissions and creates a CD for each semester issue.

:Lexicon also records its open mic and art show performances.

The semester CDs, as well as the CDs for the open mic and art show performances, can be downloaded on our bandcamp!

To download the CD for free, click “buy now” and in the “name your price” section, just put $0!

If you would like to make a donation to :Lexicon, feel free to put an amount of your choice. All proceeds go to running the events of :Lexicon!


:Lexicon is accepting submissions for the Spring 2015 Issue CD! Music submissions are due March 31st (the day of the art show), and you can email your submission to

Guidlines: Songs must be emailed as FLACC files, and no more than three songs can be submitted.

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