Math is not always the answer

Staff Editorial


When it comes to classifying intelligence, it is usually accepted that if you have strong abilities in science and mathematics, you are considered to be smart. Unfortunately, most people do not take the time to appreciate the amount of work and creativity that goes into artistic fields.

Science and math carry such high esteem in our society to the point where a stigma has been created around them. There’s a misconception that if you are not doing something related to science and math, you are not going to be successful in life and you are therefore less intelligent than others. But those same people will turn around and praise the newest films and the hottest music.

If there truly is no value in having training in the arts, then it would stand to reason that art should not be as prevalent in daily life. However, everywhere you look you will find someone talking about their favorite books, movies, animations, musicals, plays and music. Most people listen to music and watch television every day. Without the arts, such luxuries would not exist.

It is true that education in math and science has led to groundbreaking discoveries, but that does not make it the only path to success. No one would dare to say that Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese are unsuccessful, as their films such as Psycho and The Wolf of Wall Street respectively have become iconic statements of pop culture. No one would claim that a company like Pixar is unsuccessful for their award-winning animations that have shaped the childhoods of many. No one would try to argue that authors like Edgar Allen Poe and Jane Austen have not left a lasting impact on this world with works withstanding the test of time.

Artistic expression helps to shape the world just as much as any other skill, and it carries its own importance in society. It is challenging and innovative and brings about emotions that are often hard to convey. Training and education in artistic fields must be encouraged among students rather than trampled and ridiculed.

Yes, there is uncertainty when pursuing a career in the arts, but there is uncertainty in all fields. It is important to allow students to explore their talents instead of restricting them to only certain subjects. Intelligence can take many forms, and to say that math and science are the only true way to judge intelligence is a dangerous misconception.

To those who feel as though the arts are not important, stop watching films and listening to different music artists. Stop enjoying comic books and graphic novels and books in general. Stop praising the latest animations and graphics in television and video games. If art truly has no value, then there should be no problem giving it up.