MSOC earns point at Loyola Chicago

Mary Genrich | Staff Photographer | Nate Dragisich’s goal in the 63rd minute ended up saving a point in the conference standings for the Dukes. The goal was the senior midfielder’s first of the 2023 season.

Sean McKean | Staff Writer

A Nate Dragisich goal helped Duquesne to a 1-1 draw on the road with Loyola Chicago on Saturday night.

Despite no goals being scored in the first half of the game, the opening 45 minutes were played at the frantic pace that has characterized Head Coach Chase Brooks’s team this season. Within the first 20 minutes, the Ramblers had gotten off five shots on the Dukes. However, thanks to goalkeeper Zoltan Nagy, these never materialized into any goals for the opposition. Nagy made a career-high 10 saves

Another shot would not be taken until the 31st minute, this time by Duquesne sophomore forward Evan Anderson.

As halftime edged closer, the Dukes saw an opportunity to go up on Loyola in the 38th minute, getting a goal. Unfortunately, the goal was taken off the scoreboard due to an offside call. Though another shot was put up by the Ramblers, the first half would end with a score of 0-0.

When the second half began, it looked to be a similar story to the first half. A flurry of shots being put up but nothing materializing, and each team appeared to be at a dead-heat. But, after a series of shots by Loyola Chicago, Duquesne began an attack down their right side.

Tate Mohney’s outswinging cross flew into the six-yard box. Dragisich slipped beind the defense, and connected with the ball for a powerful header that left no chance for Loyola goalkeeper Aidan Crawford. It was the senior’s first goal of the year.

However, its lead would last exactly 60 seconds. Following two corner kicks by Loyola Chicago, they eventually scored a goal from Lukas Ender, leveling the game at one in the 64th minute.

As time began to wind down, so too did the shots. Not many shots were taken within the last 20 minutes, as each team kept jockeying for possession. As a result, the game ended in a draw at one.

The tie moved Duquesne to 4-2-2 on the season. They remain unbeaten in the conference and are in a tie for second with a cluster of future opponents. The Dukes will continue play this week with road games against St. Joseph’s and Davidson.