Much-needed relief: Maximizing Thanksgiving break

Kailey Love | Photo Editor Indulging in both sleep and Netflix are great ways to spend the break, but don’t stay glued in bed.
Kailey Love | Photo Editor Indulging in both sleep and Netflix are great ways to spend the break, but don’t stay glued in bed.
Kailey Love | Photo Editor
Indulging in both sleep and Netflix are great ways to spend the break, but don’t stay glued in bed.

By Nina Saluga | Staff Writer

As the semester winds down to a grueling close, Thanksgiving break is the light at the end of the tunnel all of us need to make it through each taxing day until finals. Whether you’re hoping to increase your productivity or achieve maximum R&R, we here at The Duke have you covered on how to get the most out of the break.

Choose a TV series to plow through.

Looking to spend your break relaxing and catching up on some Netflix? Find a full series — or at least a season or two — that you can dedicate yourself to. Make a solid effort to binge-watch a show you’ve heard all your friends talking about but never quite got the chance to watch. Use the break to keep on top of your pop culture game, and to relax as hard as you possibly can. Try “Friends,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Scrubs” or “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” for a good place to start.

Eat! Eat for your life!

We take for granted that we’re all going to obliterate Thanksgiving dinner. The roasted turkey, not-Towers mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, what have you. I’m hungry just thinking about it. But don’t just stop at Thanksgiving dinner. You have approximately one full week to eat all of the home-cooked meals you can before you’ll return to chili-cheese dogs and soggy fries. Make the most of the free and delicious food your parents whip up or that dinner your grandparents take you out for. If you don’t, you’ll regret it when you come back to Incline pizza and Towers’ slop.

Sleep like it’s your job.

Let’s be honest; Come finals, we will all be sleep deprived, hungry and reliant on caffeine just to get through the day. Although there’s no evidence that proves we can ever really “catch up” on sleep, that shouldn’t stop any of us from trying. Rest, rest, rest. Get as much rest and relaxation as you can possibly fit into a day, and then wash, rinse and repeat.

Catch up on some work.

If you happen to have some down time between napping and eating, use the time wisely and get some of your pre-finals assignments done. Thanksgiving break is the perfect stress-free time to get ahead and maximize your productivity while you’re home. Since your energy won’t be as scattered as it is at school, you’ll be able to focus and breathe easy as you get ahead for the final weeks of class.

Make plans to see hometown friends.

School and life make it hard to reconnect with pre-college friends, but use Thanksgiving break as the designated time to reach out and plan something fun. Even if it’s just a short and sweet outing, like getting breakfast for dinner or having a movie night, you’ll be glad you spent the time with people you normally wouldn’t get to hang out with. Since most will be home for the holiday, hit up your friends in advance so they can plan to hang out before you’re all swamped with visiting family members.

Explore someplace new back home.

If you’re feeling well-rested, and you’ve already managed to get ahead on your school work, make it a point to do or try something new in your hometown. Whether it’s trying a new restaurant that just moved in down the street or exploring a state park nearby, Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to do it. You’re home for just enough time to explore without it getting tedious or stale, like it oftentimes does in the summer.

Spend time with your family.

These are the people you’re home celebrating, after all. Spend time with the people you have to be thankful for, and don’t forget to let them know how grateful you are for them. ‘Tis the season!

Happy Thanksgiving, Duquesne!