New year new you, fitness resolutions made easy

Mary Liz Flavin | news editor. The second floor of the Power Center offers many different types of equipment for students to choose from. Tredmils, elipticals, bikes and other machienes that target specific muscle groups allow students to work out with ease. Each piece of equipment includes step by step instructions on how it operates.

By Mary Liz Flavin | news editor

Every New Year is loaded with resolutions, promises that we make ourselves to change habits or personal obstacles that may hinder the potential to live our best lives. Whether the goal is to achieve personal fitness, attempt to get more active or simply try a new routine, the Duquesne Power Center has an array of options that students can embrace to help with their New Year’s resolutions. 

Amber Lasure, assistant director of wellness and fitness, said that with motivation at an all time high, now is the best time to set goals and maintain them. 

“I think this is a great time within the recreation department because everyone is already motivated to come in and get fit, get active, do things they like. A big thing to consider is when motivation wanes, what do we do?” Lasure said, “Because exercise and wellness practices are so important we need to treat them like a core academic class.” 

The Power Center offers an assortment of group classes that is sure to fit the schedules and desires of most students. Classes are led by both students and professionals; each class offers a unique experience outside of the average workout. The most popular activities include yoga, spin, cardio, zumba and dance. For those looking for a more intense workout, there are HIIT (high intensity interval training), barbell, and strength classes. 

Sierra Hirsch, a desk aid at the Power Center, teaches one of the weight lifting classes offered. 

“I’ve been powerlifting for eight years so I come and work out here all the time when I’m not working. I really like to weight lift, I do it more for my mental health. I think it really takes the stress off. I love teaching people,” Hirsh said. 

All group fitness classes work on a first-come first-serve basis with no need to sign up ahead of time. In addition, the Spring 2022 schedule can be found on the Duquesne University Power Center Facebook page. 

Also as a reminder to students while participating in any activities at the gym, masks are to be worn at all times, and as an additional precaution group classes will be utilizing social distancing. 

For those who are looking for something more sport-oriented, Duquesne offers intramural sports such as basketball, volleyball, flag football and soccer. For the spring semester the focus is on basketball and volleyball. Like group classes, masks will also be worn during intramurals and students will be social-distanced.

Tim Fung, coordinator of intramurals, encourages students to participate in the various sports offered.

“I would say students should come down at their leisure and interact with other students. I found through the years that it’s a building block for their success, it’s all about social interactions,” Fung said.

For those who are interested more in adding variation to their workouts, the Power Center has four floors in which students can explore different ways of engaging in fitness. 

The fourth floor contains an array of squat racks, deadlift racks and benches for those looking to focus on weight lifting. In addition there is a synergy room that contains monkey bars, infinity ropes, battles ropes, a rowing machine, an attack bike, cable training, kettle belles, TRX bands and more. 

“My favorite place in the gym is the synergy room on the fourth floor, it’s a bit of a secret. It’s a really great place to get a functional workout,” Lasure said. 

The third floor is geared toward cardio-centered workouts. It has a 100-meter track lined with alcoves that contain barbells and dumbbells for a combined cardio-strength routine. A basketball court, HIIT zone with flipping ties, sand bags and slam balls are also included here. 

The second floor is a great option for those who are new to the fitness world. Ellipticals and select equipment specific for each muscle region of the body fill the room. Each piece of equipment is labeled with instructions for easy use. 

Dan McCarthy, director of the Power Center, offers advice for those looking to fulfill their fitness goals. 

“Simply move! Walk on the track, take a class with a friend, work out on the weight machines, Start off with two to three 20 minute workouts per week. Have fun and enjoy the friendly atmosphere,” McCarthy said.

From group classes to intramurals, to the range of equipment and facilities that the Power Center has to offer, the ability to take on New Year’s resolutions has never been easier. For students looking for more information, visit Duquesne’s website or take a look at the Duquesne Power center Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on all things fitness.