Off-campus alternatives to typical college fare

Photo by Anna Walnoah Condado Tacos first started in 2014 in Columbus, Ohio, and has since expanded to Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. The build-your-own taco starts at $3.50 and allow the customer to design their meal down to the shell.


Anna Walnoha | Staff Writer

When you ask college students about the prevailing diet on campus, or what they have delivered every weekend, many would likely say pizza. But wouldn’t most students like to branch out and, try new places and foods?

Pittsburgh is a large melting pot of cultures and people, each bringing different exceptional tastes and flavors. There are many places around the city where friends can go to hang out, where one can take that special someone or where one can go it alone to get away from the stress of classes and studying.

For the upcoming weekend maybe try going to a Japanese steak house, if you are in the mood for noodles, bento boxes and hibachi fare. Feng in Bloomfield is a great place to celebrate someone’s birthday, go out on a nice date or try new cuisine. Feng also delivers in case entering the real world is too taxing for your Friday night.

Another hot Japanese spot to get a bite is Social House 7 in the Cultural District. It is only a short walk away from Benedum Center. Head over to this restaurant to get a plate of the best quality sushi and a couple of drinks before showtime.

These might be places that are a little pricey for some people’s bank accounts, especially for college students. However, if you want choice quality food instead of imitation crab, a couple day-old avocados and cucumbers, try these restaurants.

If sushi or Japanese cuisine isn’t on your menu, and you just want to stick to your comfort food, try Winghart’s in Market Square. It has the best burgers that are piled high with toppings. Winghart’s also has a relaxed atmosphere. It is a great place to go to before a baseball game and to share an order of loaded fries or a funnel cake.

Maybe you want something that is spicy and exciting to your taste buds. Try Condado Tacos on Liberty Avenue for Happy Hour and a couple of tacos. There you can build your own shelled delight with the little menus they have on the table. It also has a selection of margaritas but is famous for its whiskey and craft beers. This is a perfect spot if you want to relax with friends while also tasting exceptional Mexican food.

Lastly, for those with a sweet tooth, or craving dessert after going to one of the above restaurants Fudge Farm on East Carson Street is your spot. It is known for its heart-stopping milkshakes and mouth-watering candy. Fudge Farm has new and innovative ways to make milkshakes. Inside Fudge Farm there is a swing where you can drink your shake and hang out with friends.

While going to college you do not have to limit your diet to the most obvious choices around you. Explore the city and the areas around you, take a friend, a significant other or go on your own. You will be surprised with what you find and what new foods you get to try.

You can take my advice and try these spots, or you can find your own places, but branch out from the ordinary, and discover a new culture, cuisine or an area you have never been to before.