Oktoberfest comes to town

Mia Lubrani | Staff Writer

Sept. 22, 2022

Hofbräuhaus is a local favorite, located in Pittsburgh’s SouthSide Works. Hofbräuhaus offers authentic German cuisine and a special array of Bavarian biers, or as we spell it — beer.

Their brewed beers have become a favorite around Pittsburgh. Since the German Purity Law of 1516, Hofbräuhaus’s history has been focused on brewing the best beers. This law was put into place in Bavaria to regulate the ingredients and distribution of the commodity to protect the citizens.

It is safe to say that their long history of quality brews has helped them to gain major popularity in Pittsburgh and the rest of the United States. Although they are known for their food and drink, Hofbräuhaus is just as much about entertainment as it is about food.

Live music is not the only good part of a night at Hofbräuhaus. In the main bier hall, it is almost a requirement to sing and dance along. Patrons are encouraged to stand on the benches and sing to the live music. People often hold their drink in the air and sing passionately to the songs. The songs are often German-inspired, but they will typically throw in a crowd favorite like Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”

During last weekend’s Oktoberfest activities, Steve Grkman and Paul Milovac wowed the crowd on Friday night. Most patrons at the brewery did not want the music to end. On Saturday, Hofbräuhaus was the spot to listen to Grkman, the Grkman Duo, the Alpen Glow Trio and the Haus Duo. The environment was full of talent and spirit all night long.

This coming weekend, Hofbräuhaus will continue the Oktoberfest celebrations. Grkman, the Grkman duo, the Alpen Glow Trio, the Haus Duo and Milovac will all be back in attendance. The German-inspired musicians will be playing in the main hall, strolling area and garden areas. The atmosphere is sure to be just as lively.

Be sure to check out the Oktoberfest event at Hofbräuhaus this weekend.

A night of entertainment and amazing food will be sure to await anyone interested in the annual event.