Open forum: Getting to know Pittsburgh via the Internet

By: Fred Blauth | Editor-in-Chief

Let’s face it, when thinking of places to go off campus only a few areas come to mind if you’re a student that lacks a car or isn’t a native Pittsburgher.

Maybe Market Square for lunch. Possibly South Side or Oakland if the shuttle’s running. Maybe even the Waterfront if the Works doesn’t have what you’re looking for. But for the rest of the week, you can be seen spending your time on campus.

With the push to expand communities and resources on the internet, Pittsburgh has become just as thriving online as it’s global coordinates. Of course there are local and student newspapers, such as The Duke to find things to do and places to see but often times, the conversation can be one ended.

If you’re looking to explore the Burgh without leaving the confront of your dorm, visit some of the city’s most interesting forums and sites listed to break the Bluff’s bubble.

Pittsburgh’s Craigslist

I know what you’re thinking. Craigslist? Really? Really. Craigslist is hands down one of the most useful sites to go to regardless of your city. More commonly associated with selling junk, apartment or job searching, or tragic Missed Connections, Craigslist also features an interesting and giving community of Pittsburghers from different boroughs. Under the Community tab, there are ads posted every day by people looking to connect with other like minded individuals. Filter by Actives, Groups, Events and Classes, or even post your own ad to find things that interest you. With documentaries such as Craigslist Joe or 24 Hours on Craigslist, the stigma of online forums and chartrooms being a dangerous place is slowly dissolving (but one should still use common sense when communicating with strangers).

Reddit (r/pittsburgh)

If you’re not familiar with Reddit, often called “The Front Page of the Internet” consider this your wake up call. With the ability for anyone to post stories, photos, video or links under different categories and an upvote/downvote rating system implemented by users themselves, the site is completely curated by the community that uses it. Under the subreddit pittsburgh a plethora of information can be found. From local events to internet jokes tailored to the tastes of a true Yinzer, the Pittsburgh subreddit is almost another city of its own. But just as a city is defined by its residents, Reddit’s real gem, is the comment section. Be sure to scroll through them for our city’s cleverest commenters.

Boring Pittsburgh

Contrary to the site’s name, Boring
Pittsburgh is anything but. BP is a hybrid of sorts that both posts articles weekly and is home to the forum WhatToDo412. With close to 900 posts, the forum is alive with events and community members looking to share their knowledge on all things PGH and avoid boredom in The Burgh. Another feature the site has is the “Burgh Verified” section. This is an exclusive access area of the site that is only offered to Burgh Verified members who are selected by the site’s staff and tweeting @boringpittsburgh.


Even with the less-than-friendly landscape and roadways Pittsburgh currently offers to bikers, BikePGH’s forum is alive with conversation. Threads ranging from biker etiquette, gear and reviews, to the best trails of Allegheny County, BikePGH’s conversation is a constant. Even if you lack a set of wheels, still take a look at the forum, who know’s they might just covert you buying an eight gear.

Pittsburgh Sports Forum

The Pittsburgh Sports Forum is “your headquarters for Pittsburgh sports blogs, news, discussion and more,” according to their site. Obvious topics such as the Peguins and Steelers are discussed but also the community that uses PSF goes deeper then just sports coverage. The best sports bars, fantasy leagues and even less popular local sports such as boxing are open to conversation.