Photo Story: Duq Annual Light Up Night

Dylan Fister | Staff Photographer | President Ken Gormley invited helpers to join him in flipping the ceremonial switch to turn on all the holiday lights across campus and Academic Walk. Students and faculty cheered as the lights made their first appearance this season before making their way to the Union Ballroom for a holiday feast. See page 3 for more.

Photos by Ava Rieger | Staff Photographer 

President Ken Gormley got extra love at the live nativity during Light Up Night. Faculty and staff brought their families to the festivities and enjoyed a Christmas dinner in the Union Ballroom after lighting up the campus.
Near the Union stands a large lit up nativity scene. Even in the dark of daylight-savings time, campus is still bright.
Maura Riscavage, Sophie Waibel, Maddie Sweeney and Leah Bennett made reindeer hats at Santa’s workshop in the Africa Room.
Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus (who kept their true identities secret to maintain holiday magic for Night of Lights) celebrated with students, faculty and their families with photo booth stationed on the second floor of the Union.
The live nativity stole participants’ hearts. A baby camel, calves and goats enjoyed pets and pictures with students and staff.
Members of Duquesne’s choir sang Christmas carols as students and faculty gathered to celebrate the Student Government Association’s annual Night of Lights. Cookies, hot chocolate and apple cider kept viewers warm on the chilly November evening.