Plans for a cheap, easy Valentine’s Day


Ashley Newman | Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! While the holiday is meant to be a fun way to show your significant other how much you care about them, it can actually be very stressful. Between the chocolates, flowers, cards, dates and giant teddy bears, it can get pricey. There always seems to be some pressure around doing something huge for your partner this time of year, but it doesn’t always have to empty your wallet. Here are some easy ideas to have a beautiful Valentine’s Day on a budget. Everything here is also close to campus and easily accessible!


Stop by Cindy Esser’s Floral Shop at 1122 E. Carson St. to buy your significant other a beautiful bouquet! Their cheapest Valentine’s Day arrangement, Full of Love Bouquet, starts at just $30 for a large arrangement of pink roses, carnations, tulips, waxflower, fresh pitta negra and variegated pittosporum. They come prearranged in a round vase and it can be customized it by adding balloons, stuffed animals or a box of chocolates, all done by the shop.


If you want to get something additional to accompany the flowers, definitely stop by the big CVS on 242 Fifth Avenue. There, you can find a plethora of chocolates, ranging from just over a dollar to $40. A few suggestions that I have are the Russel Stover Assorted Rose Photo Heart for $1.99; the Russel Stover Fancy Red Foil Heart for $15.99 or any of the Ghirardelli Squares for $5.79.

Stuffed Animals

While you’re at CVS buying the chocolates, try to find a cute stuffed animal, too! They have plenty of affordable options that anyone will love. A few examples are the 7 inch Valentine Puppy or Teddy Bear, both $4.99; an animated elephant that flaps its ears for $11.24 or a large Snoopy holding up “Happy Valentine’s Day!” for $14.99.


After CVS, stop by Rite Aid on 623 Smithfield Street to find Valentine’s Day cards. You can find a wide range of cards from funny to cute to sappy. Whatever kind best fits your relationship, you can find it at Rite Aid. They also have some singing cards that are always a fun surprise. The card prices vary, but they should all be around a few dollars. You can definitely find affordable ones that you love.


Valentine’s Day dates don’t have to break the bank! There are plenty of fun things that you and your significant other can partake in right here in Pittsburgh. If it’s not too cold, walk down to Point State Park to see a beautiful view of the river and the city. Then, walk over to the Incline and look at the gorgeous city views from the top of Mount Washington. The Incline will be $5 round trip. If it’s chilly out and you’d rather keep it inside, you could walk down to The Yard and eat a cheap and tasty dinner there. Since Valentine’s Day is a Thursday and you might not have time to celebrate until the weekend, you could also take the Southside Loop Bus Friday or Saturday night and catch a movie at the Southside Works Cinema. The ticket should cost around $10, and the Loop Bus is totally free.

Hopefully, these tips help you plan a great (and affordable) Valentine’s Day. Have a safe and fun holiday and enjoy all the wonderful things that you can do in Pittsburgh.