Police Briefs

What a coincidence that the same week The Duke publishes a story about alcohol use on campus, everyone parties like it’s going out of style. You kept Uncle PB very busy, and he’s not too happy about it.

There were six reports of alcohol use this week, starting last Wednesday night when a female student was found intoxicated and vomiting in the men’s bathroom of Assumption.

On Friday night into early Saturday morning, a female student was referred for underage drinking on Vickroy Street and an intoxicated female student was found by residence life next to Vickroy.

Within an hour on early Sunday morning, four drunk perpetrators were caught. An intoxicated male was stumbling and falling on the city steps, two underage female students were found in the Towers lobby and another female was vomiting on the Footbridge.

Marijuana and paraphernalia were found in a student’s room in St. Martin Hall on Friday and Towers on Monday, along with a fake drivers license. A student was caught smoking marijuana while walking on Bluff Street on Monday night.

More justice was served on Friday, as a used book dealer returned books that were discovered to be stolen from Gumberg Library. A passenger side window of a vehicle was broken in the Forbes Garage on Saturday. The contents were thrown on the ground outside of the vehicle.