Police Briefs and Bluff Briefs (January 23, 2014)

Bluff Briefs

University recognized for hazard management

Duquesne received the National Safety Council’s Gold level Hazard Recognition Award for its excellence in maintaining a system for employees to report hazards and a system to correct the hazards.

The award recognizes companies that have experienced a percent increase in the number of hazards reported and corrected from the previous two years.

Alcoa officer to speak

The Beard Institute will be hosting Alan Levine, chief information security officer at Alcoa, on Jan. 28 as part of its Distinguished Ethics Speaker series.

The lecture, which will discuss proper and improper use of the Internet and information security, will be held in the Pappert Lecture Hall of the Bayer Learning Center. The event is free and open to the public.

Nursing initiative changes

The Nurse Managed Wellness Center, a nursing school community service program, is now called the Community-Based Health & Wellness Center for Older Adults.

The program will now be focused on increasing the number of students who can gain clinical experience.

Police Briefs

The freezing cold weather makes Uncle PB lethargic.

He hasn’t moved from his couch in days, and figured that the sub-zero temperatures would have a similar effect on the students of Duquesne.

Oh, was he wrong. The rascals were out again this week, so allow PB to bundle up and give you this week’s crime report.

Two administrative searches in St. Martin’s, one last Wednesday and one on Sunday, resulted in the confiscation of marijuana and paraphernalia.

In a fit of road rage, someone broke the gate arm at the exit of the Forbes parking lot on Sunday afternoon and fled the scene.

On Monday, an unknown perpetrator discharged a fire extinguisher in St. Ann’s, triggering a fire alarm.

Around the same time outside the building, DUPS broke up a fight. Coincidence? PB is going to get to the bottom of this.

The week in crime came to an end with a rare case of scientific vandalism on Tuesday evening, when an employee noticed damage to an office door at Mellon Hall Room B-7. Nothing was missing from the office.