Post Malone returns to Pittsburgh in packed venue

Max Marcello | Staff Writer

Oct. 6, 2022

On Sept. 28, Grammy Award nominated artist Post Malone performed in Pittsburgh as part of his International 12 Carat tour. Malone took the stage in a nearly sold-out arena packed with ecstatic fans to perform a set list of 23 songs across four albums.

Prior to his performance in Pittsburgh, many took to social media to express their concern as the tour did not run as planned.

While performing in St. Louis, Malone suffered a fall that injured his ribcage, and was taken to the hospital. It was these injuries that led him to cancel a show in Boston, citing difficulty breathing. Nonetheless, Malone did go through with his performance in Cleveland, followed by Pittsburgh.

Los Angeles DJ Zach Bia opened for Malone. He played a compilation of popular songs ranging from “Sweet Caroline” to “Can’t Hold Us.” At 9:45 p.m., Malone emerged wearing a custom Penguins jersey, turning the mood from anticipation into ecstasy, belting out a newly released song, “Reputation” followed by his #1 hit “Wow. ”Malone then turned to thank the concertgoers for their patience and their continued support while also making light of his recent injuries.

He jokingly apologized if his singing was off, as it is the result of the previously sustained injuries.

Malone offered the opportunity for someone in the audience to join him onstage. A man emerged alongside his brother who had just returned from deployment abroad. The trio performed an acoustic rendition of his song “Stay.” The chance performance was executed as if it was rehearsed. Malone displayed his versatility as he continued to perform the next two songs including his Grammy nominated single “Circles” with his acoustic guitar.

Malone then delivered an emotional monologue about overcoming his struggle with alcoholism and the importance of supporting those who are in a similar situation. He then referenced the impact of the pandemic and other extenuating circumstances for being the reason why he has not released a studio album in four years. The crowd responded with a burst of energy as Malone continued the show in his signature style combining elements of pop and hip-hop and finished his performance.

As Malone prepared to perform his final song for the evening “White Iverson,” a person in the crowd collapsed. Malone immediately stopped the performance and asked fans to clear a path for EMS. Once the person was safely removed from the arena Malone continued to sing.

He acknowledged the personal importance the song had for him as it was the record that launched him into the mainstream and secured him a record deal with Republic Records.

Post Malone delivered a truly explosive act, performing a medley of songs across his critically-acclaimed discography. The entertainer despite his physical injuries displayed a passion for performing that was on full display. The enthusiasm of the crowd never dipped as fans displayed their signs and affectionately shouted, “Posty.”

Malone responded by delivering a heartfelt thank you to those who attended the concert, and to the support staff working to ensure the show was seamless. His 12-Carat tour is ongoing, and scheduled to conclude in 2023 in Burswood, Australia.