Pre-historic creatures come to life at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Courtesy of Jurassic Quest Media Assets | Bring a valentine to this unique experience. Its a dino-mite event for all to see.

by Zoe Stratos | opinions editor

Feb. 10, 2022

Something prehistoric is coming to Pittsburgh this weekend, as the Jurassic Quest dinosaur show rears its horns at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Jurassic Quest started out as a traveling show in 2013, growing over the years into the largest dinosaur show in North America. Now, they send out three traveling shows, each taking with them 16 trucks jam-packed with giant dinosaur replicas from the different prehistoric eras.

Marty Hoffman, known as Park Ranger Marty on the Jurassic Quest team, joined Jurassic Quest as a self-proclaimed major dinosaur fan and nerd. At each show, he answers questions texted to the “Dino 411” line.

“We pride ourselves on being not only fun, but educational, so if you’re a person that likes dinosaurs — and let’s face it, deep inside we all like dinosaurs — there’s a lot of things to still learn about them,” Hoffman said. “A lot of the time the answers to the questions are ‘we don’t have that information yet,’ and that’s one of the exciting things about paleontology.”

Upon entering the convention center, event goers will be able to walk through the archway and become immersed in a world of giant dinosaurs  — more than 80 scientifically accurate ones at the Pittsburgh event.

“If you’re having a bad day there, you can just go to the arches and watch kids walk through. You watch their eyes light up and their jaws drop and they see their first dinosaurs — then you’re going to have a good day. No matter how you were feeling that morning, as soon as you watch those kids it’s a great day,” Hoffman said.

Besides the stunning and accurate replicas, Jurassic Quest provides a variety of other activities for every age: from baby dinosaur meet and greets, to dinosaur rides, to themed bounce houses to fossil stations.

While college students may not be able to ride a dinosaur or bounce around in the bounce houses, the Jurassic Quest fossil exhibit area is great for students to learn and get an in-depth view of our prehistoric counterparts. And featured in the oceans exhibit is a 50 foot long Megalodon replica.

New to Jurassic Quest is its addition of “the quest,” Hoffman mentioned, in which the family can upgrade their experience and go on an interactive scavenger hunt style adventure during the event.

The event will be in the city from Feb. 11-13, with two-hour time slot tickets available on the Jurassic Quest website. Standard adult tickets cost $26 including fees. Upgraded tickets are also available, with “dinosaur surprises” included in the bundle.