President Trump paints a rosy picture of the coronavirus


Staff Editorial

Nothing screams “apocalyptic” like the president of the United States contracting the world’s most deadly transmittable disease of our time. Worst of all, he is downplaying it.

President Donald Trump tested positive for coronavirus on Friday, Oct. 2, where he was swiftly transferred to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and treated with intensive care. How intensive? Five doses of dexamethasone daily, remdesivir injections, monoclonal antibody therapy and various over-the-counter drugs such as famotidine, melatonin and aspirin.

This cocktail of steroids is directly prescribed for “severe and critical illness,” especially in terms of dangerously low blood oxygen levels, according to the World Health Organization.

According to BBC, Trump has allegedly recovered from coronavirus symptoms in a record-breaking three days; however, what is not being taken into account is the extensive medical attention he has received that the average American would not be as fortunate to have.

These medications are only readily available for strenuous circumstances as classified by the FDA, wherein no medication has been fully approved, according to Coronavirus Today. Not to mention, health insurance can only cover so much.

Dr. Sean Conley, who treated Trump in Walter Reed, told Associated Press that the president has found himself in “uncharted territory,” as his treatment is purely experimental.

It’s easy for our president to tweet, “Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life,” when prominency of power ensures your safety and wellbeing.

We have read various heart-wrenching stories of elderly men and women dying alone in hospital beds, a fate that Trump is mitigating for the sake of his campaign.

This isn’t a matter of reassurance –– this is a matter of influence.

With the election less than a month away, the thought of a presidential candidate passing away before voting day is nevertheless frightening. Albeit, this nationwide panic has almost immediately subsided now that Trump has announced his return to the White House. What he has not announced, however, is his true health status.

On Twitter, Trump’s series of messages were misleading; he had many American citizens believing he exited the hospital COVID-free –– a miracle case. Trump’s health specialists actually revealed that he not only is still contagious, but also has symptoms that have not yet alleviated, such as trouble breathing.

Twitter was quick to make note of this, with the hashtag “GaspingForAir” trending, meaning Trump’s battle with coronavirus is far more apparent than he is letting on.

Trump’s tactic to ease the tension of his case has been to vlog his recovery in full suit and tie on social media, business as usual. This distracts from his physical symptoms and makes the coronavirus itself seem more casual than it actually is.

Though in “quarantine” for the next two weeks, videos have shown Trump removing his mask as soon as he reached the balcony of the White House. MSNBC commentator Joy Reid noted that this was a “Mussolini moment” for Trump, as he posed triumphantly for a virus he truly has not yet defeated.

I fear for America’s newfound perception of coronavirus based on the portrait our president has painted. There is no telling if American citizens will take pandemic protocols more or less seriously, let alone if coronavirus cases will increase or decrease soon thereafter. Despite the wavering health status of President Trump, it is up to each individual to protect one another, stay well and stay safe.