See ‘The Wiz’ until Nov. 5

Courtesy of Gene Reed | Nichelle Lewis, former national star of Hairspray, will make her Broadway debut as she enters the role of Dorothy.

Emily Fritz | A&E Editor

The Benedum Center is aglow with the brilliance of Oz as the Tony-award winning show experiences a revival after its original debut 50 years ago.

The sounds of “The Wiz” feature soul, gospel, rock and 70s funk, all of which lend to Dorothy’s reprise, which is based heavily off of the 1939 film starring Judy Garland.

This contemporary adaptation of the film places new emphasis on the lives of urban Black Americans, causing New York Times jounralist Frank Rich to write that “[the show] had something to say, and it said it with verve and integrity,” during its 1984 revival.

“I feel like it’s extremely important for people, especially right now, to see that they can be powerful just by being themselves and just by being individual and unique. So I think that’s how the show speaks to me,” 24-year-old Nichelle Lewis, recent cast for the role of Dorothy, told AP News.

Of the six opportunities left to see the show, tickets are quickly disappearing.

“There is no doubt that you should ease your way down the road,” wrote Roy Burko of Cool Cleveland after seeing “The Wiz” visit Connor Palace in Cleveland, Ohio last week.

“Escape from our world of war, angst and government chaos, and thoroughly enjoy the reimagined Wizard of Oz.”

Tickets begin at $45 and can be purchased exclusively through