Seven inches of snow turns the Bluff into winter playground for students

Andrew Cummings | multimedia editor. Students sprawl out in the fresh blanket of powder on McCloskey Field, making snow angels and enjoying their first day off of the semester. Students could be seen around campus playing in the snow, taking advantage of their time off.
Andrew Cummings | multimedia editor. The Bluff experienced major snowfall on Monday, as snowflakes began falling on Sunday night. According to WTAE, Pittsburgh received a total of 7 inches of snow in just
over 24 hours. Across campus, students finally could enjoy the Bluff’s hilly terrain with a variety of unconventional sledding, skiing and snowshoeing.


Andrew Cummings | multimedia editor. Duquesne freshmen Rosemary van der Net, Jess Pichat and Emma Meixel playing
in the snow at Brottier Commons. After seeing the large accumulation of snow on
campus, they decided that they had to take advantage of the opportunity. “We’re
also literal children at heart,” said Pichat.
Emma Polen | features editor. Some Duquesne students got creative in their fun, using items like laundry baskets
as sleds. Pictured here is Susan Betten, sledding on the hill between St. Martins
and Towers.
Andrew Cummings | multimedia editor. Margaret McIntosh, a junior marketing and management major skiing in the snow
at Brottier Commons. “I have skied my whole life so I was like, hoping maybe I can
go up to Seven Springs and ski, and then I saw that it snowed, and I was like you
know what? Let’s go skiing down the Brottier hill,” McIntosh said.
Andrew Cummings | multimedia editor. Lance Robertson, a member of the grounds crew with a snow plow. “When it’s
snowing, you’re just focused on plowing because…if you don’t plow and then you
wait until the snow’s done, you’re gonna have…these big piles here, and that’s
obviously a lot harder to plow,” Robertson said.