Single on Valentine’s Day? There’s a plan for that

By: George Flynn | Opinions Editor

The most romantic day of the year is amongst us. Red hearts and cupids are posted all over the place. It’s such a wonderful time of year.

Oh, wait? You’re single? The only person sending you Valentine’s Day cards is your mother? That’s okay, me too. However, just because Valentine’s Day is for happy couples and you’re singing solo, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a blast on this Hallmark holiday.

If you’re a solitary person and you don’t like people in general, then you can really grab Cupid by the bow and arrow. If you want to stay in, then you have so many options. Go on Grub Hub and order a ton of Chinese for $30. It will break your bank account, but China Wok has never broken my heart.

Being a glutton and eating 10 pounds of food by yourself shows that you love yourself on Valentine’s Day. Also, the new House of Cards second season will be premiering on Netflix on this very same day. Who doesn’t want to watch Kevin Spacey and Kate Mara doing their thing? If you haven’t seen the first season, binge watch the series and stretch out on that loveseat.

If you’re more of an extrovert and want to go out to have fun, then you should realize that this day has plenty of options. Call up friends: single or in relationships. Have a gathering at your home and scoff at cheesy romantic comedies. They’re pretty awful and although they might make you jaded, you will realize that Sandra Bullock films portray something you will never, ever want.

If you are of age, you can go out with your friends and buy drinks and dance the night away (responsibly). I would recommend Remedy in Lawrenceville, Milano’s right down the street or even one of the many bars of South Side. If you want a quieter and low key atmosphere in South Side, check out Jekyll and Hyde or Jack’s. However, if you have a ton of pent up energy you need to release, you can head out to places like Rowdy Buck or Mario’s.

You can meet new friends and create new connections with people, whether they last a lifetime or a moment on the dance floor. Take pictures with them and memorialize the day as you embrace your single status and do the best thing ever, socialize solo without guilt.

If you really want to have a date for Valentine’s Day, the perfect thing to do is go on a platonic date with another single friend. Call them and go out to dinner. It’s perfect, you can go and eat anywhere, from a hole in the wall to a five-star restaurant. Even better, at the end of the meal, no one has to pay the whole bill. You can pay for your own meal and be with someone you platonically care for and be an independent man or woman.

Valentine’s Day is always said to be an egregious holiday, however, it doesn’t have to be. Don’t be sad or fed up. This holiday is all about love and even if you feel alone, remember that you have yourself. Be independent and love yourself this holiday. And if not, then hopefully someone is sending you a Valentine’s Day card in the mail.