Staff ed: Duquesne basketball fans needed now more than ever

Duke Staff

The history of sports has existed as long as humans have. For centuries, men and woman have entered into competition whether it be for pure entertainment or blood. From Roman gladiators to Japan’s sumo wrestlers, players have taken to the arena just as spectators fill the bleachers. With such an emphasis on the sport itself, how influential are the individuals watching?

Paramount if you ask us. Besides the obvious sale of tickets and sponsorship, our athletes need to know that their peers believe in them, regardless of the numbers on the scoreboard. There is no prophecy written for the Dukes 2014-15 season but from what we’ve seen so far, it could just be either team’s year. Our year.

Men’s basketball coach Jim Ferry’s third year at Duquesne means that his roster is just that, his. Hand picking the full team with 11 scholarship players on the roster should paint a full vision come 2 p.m. Saturday against Bluefield State. With titans Derrick Colter and Jeremiah Jones (the only original players left from Ferry’s first team in 2012-13) holding the backcourt, the floor is wide open for new players like, Eric James, Jordan Robinson and TySean Powell to shine.

Then there’s sole senior Dominique McKoy, who is primed to take on a leadership role this year after the loss of Ovie Soko.

The women’s team is just as promising. While yes, the “Wo-Show” comprised of Wumi Agunbaide and Orsi Szeci have graduated, returning starters junior, April Robinson and senior, Olivia Bresnahan are sure to have their own time in the spotlight as guards. With last season marking The Duke’s sixth straight Women’s National Invitational Tournament bid, this could be luck number seven for the team.

All that’s missing is you.

Duquesne’s athletes deserve just as much respect as any other sports team in this city, if not more. As full time students and players, the men’s and women’s teams have poured themselves into this school we call home. It’s time we commemorate that, regardless of the final score.

Whether you simply wish senior Jose-Ann Johnson “Good luck!” in line at Towers or are screaming from the Red & Blue Crew seats courtside, Duquesne fans are quintessential to our team’s success and well-being.

The schedule is posted. It’s free to attend any game with a Duquesne I.D. with the exception of the City Game. The Palumbo Center is on Forbes with Consol, our second home, only a block away. It’s easier now than ever to be a fan, so what’s your excuse?

Be a part of the team. Be a fan.

Be a Duke