Season 2 of ‘Stranger Things’ elevates already fantastic show

'Stranger Things' Season 2 Poster
Courtesy of Netflix
'Stranger Things' Season 2 Poster
Courtesy of Netflix

Nicolas Lucente | Staff Writer


Season 1 of Stranger Things was one of, if not the most, beloved shows of 2016. Naturally, audiences anticipated a follow up season since the show’s debut last July. Being part of that crowd, I, of course, decided a binge watch was in order, promptly starting at 3 a.m. for Friday’s Season 2 premiere, a decision that  immediately became one of the best in my life. Yes, this season really is that good.

The first thing that one notices about this season is its nine episode length — unlike the eight of previous year’s saga. While the prospect of more of this fantastic show is exciting, the nagging worry that Season 2 won’t live up is still present.

Luckily, those fears are unfounded. Somehow, the Duffer Brothers, the writers and directors of the show, have also surpassed the original season. Although they start the show a year after the events of the previous season, they often flash back to the events that the audience missed over the course of the last year. This is key to the success of the show; audiences get right back to their favorite characters and the story that they know and love without any confusion. If the Duffer Brothers had messed around for two or three episodes before getting back to the point and explaining what the audience has missed, they would have undoubtedly disappointed their fans.

As a result, the story is far better than before. Season 1 left a lot of questions for audiences, and while many are answered in Season 2, many are not — possibly hinting to a Season 3.

This season also pushes the terror more than Season 1. Watching Stranger Things last year felt more like watching a thriller than a horror show. Season 2 fully embraces the horror genre, however. After watching the previous year’s series, I did not think that the Duffers would be able to write a creepier story, but somehow that is exactly what they did. This push for horror is not a problem at all — it may have been what the Duffer Brothers had in mind for the show the whole time. The amount of craziness that explodes on the screen in the show’s new saga is some of the most insane television a person can watch. Again, this is a good thing. That excitement takes the audience on a show like no other and is exactly what makes Season 2 of Stranger Things fantastic.

As for the acting, casting could not be more perfect, and better actors could not be found. Season 1 did not offer every actor to reach their fullest potential, but Season 2 dives deeper into all of the key characters and offers a bit more development. This growth offers a bit more material for the actors to play with, especially David Harbour and Winona Ryder. These two create an incredible impact on the show and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

All this being said, Season 2 of Stranger Things is quite the experience. Every single person, horror fan or not, needs to sit down and crank the show out. There really is no excuse anymore. So jump on the bandwagon. There’s plenty of room!