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Bill Burr brings stand-up to Pittsburgh

Bill Burr brings stand-up to Pittsburgh

by Julian Routh | Editor-in-chief Before his name is etched on the short list of elite comedians to perform at Madison Square Garden, Bill Burr has to work out his material. “It’s like going to the gym. If I didn’t do it at all, if I didn’t walk in there and do it, I’d be […]

Shows to watch over the summer

By: Saúl Berríos-Thomas | Layout Editor If you prefer your free time to be spent inside rather than out, then you know summer is the slow season for TV shows. But thanks to Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime and other streaming services, your free time won’t be spent twiddling your thumbs. There are tons of shows […]

World offers different forms of wealth

By Sam Leon | Student Columnist Much of what citizens are hearing, watching and being subjected to is geared toward a reinforcement of motivations to gain material wealth. This particular view of what it means to be a wealthy person should be slightly altered to include unquantifiable characteristics, too. A truly wealthy person should also […]