A.P. Bio changes key themes for season premiere

<em>A.P. Bio</em> changes key themes for season premiere

Josiah Martin | A&E Editor 03/14/19 Ending a season by wrapping up your central story arc is a risky move. NBC’s A.P. Bio did exactly that with its finale in May, and it’s not yet clear whether the second season will survive without it. “Happiness,” the first episode of A.P. Bio’s new season, features protagonist […]

The Office’s Leslie David Baker visits Duquesne

<em>The Office’s</em> Leslie David Baker visits Duquesne

Claire Neiberg | Staff Writer 02/28/19 On Feb. 22, Leslie David Baker filled the Duquesne University Union Ballroom with laughter and insight. Baker is best known for his role as Stanley Hudson on NBC’s The Office, but has performed in many other sitcoms. While he is famous for his notoriously grumpy outlook on the show, […]

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns on new home, NBC

<em>Brooklyn Nine-Nine</em> returns on new home, NBC

Ollie Gratzinger | Opinions Editor 01/17/19 Last spring, fans of Fox’s gold-hearted police sitcom went into mourning when the network announced the cancellation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Disappointed viewers lamented the loss of the show and eulogized its importance. In tackling issues like police brutality, racial profiling, corrupt prisons and anti-LGBT discrimination, Brooklyn Nine-Nine became a […]

NBC resurrects Jesus Christ Superstar

NBC resurrects <em>Jesus Christ Superstar</em>

By Zach Landau | Editor-in-Chief 04/05/2018 Growing up, Jesus Christ Superstar was an Easter staple in the Landau household. My father had three copies of the original concept album on vinyl, and every night for 40 nights, we listened to it. JCS is a musical marvel to us, with the (very) liberal interpretation of the […]

Retro Review: Star Trek Voyages Uncharted Territory

Retro Review: <em>Star Trek</em> Voyages Uncharted Territory

By Neil Runge | Staff Writer 02/22/2018 From 1966 to 1969, Star Trek was a classic science fiction show that ran on NBC. This series is about the crew of the spaceship the USS Enterprise. The ship and its crew set out to explore the unreached and untouched areas of space on a five-year mission, […]

A.P. Bio transforms learning into revenge

<em> A.P. Bio </em> transforms learning into revenge

By Josiah Martin | Staff Writer 02/08/2018 Network sitcoms need a near-perfect storm of writers, producers and actors to avoid appearing cliché from episode one. NBC’s A.P. Bio has that perfect storm, and it shows. A.P. Bio stars Glenn Howerton, best known as Dennis Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Howerton portrays Jack Griffin, […]

Welcome Back

By Saúl Berríos-Thomas The best fighter in the world was in action on Saturday in front of a lackluster crowd and not only was it not on pay-per-view, but HBO couldn’t even find a decent undercard fight. No I’m not talking about Floyd Mayweather. I am talking about a humble kid from the streets of […]