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Quite Thought Full: Kindness needed as the final thought

By Katie Walsh | Opinions Editor For nearly a year and a half, I have been filling this space with witty words of encouragement, advice and defenses for the benefits of literature. My goal has always been to provide a reason for people to smile and, hopefully, create a thought or two that wasn’t there […]

Quite Thought Full: 20,000 leagues into immagination

By Katie Walsh | Opinions Editor I love books. More accurately, I have an addiction to reading and what I read are books. As a bibliophile, it is incredibly difficult for me to not hate the e-reader. It just seems so ridiculously unnatural for me to turn the pages with one finger and not hear […]

Quite Thought Full; Princeton mom roars back to ’50s

By Katie Walsh | Opinions Editor Last week, a Princeton mother and alumnae wrote a letter to The Daily Princetonian addressed to the young women of Princeton. Susan Patton, class of 1977, Princeton’s eighth graduating class to include women, offered some kind advice on life matters. Patton urged the freshman women of Princeton to find […]