The Umbrella Academy a fresh take on hero genre

<em>The Umbrella Academy</em> a fresh take on hero genre

Neil Runge | Staff Writer 02/21/19 Gothic and superhero aesthetics are usually on either side of a spectrum, but in the middle is Netflix’s newest show, The Umbrella Academy. Based on the comic book series written by former My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Bá, this show brings something new […]

Tragedy postpones TV’s Heathers for a third time

Tragedy postpones TV’s <em>Heathers</em> for a third time

Griffin Sendek | Staff Writer 11/08/18 The 2018 TV reboot of Heathers recently had two episodes pulled from the air following the Squirrel Hill Synagogue shooting, marking the third time a mass shooting has interrupted the show from airing. In the current age of constant remakes, reboots and reimaginings, there are some movies that should […]

Queer Eye’s newest season impresses

Queer Eye’s newest season impresses

Neil Runge | Staff Writer 06/23/18 Queer Eye is back and there’s a reason its thumbnail on Netflix is now a box of tissues. Get ready for tears, laughter, smiles and a renewed sense of hope. From start to finish, the Fab Five made up of Antoni Porowski, the chef of the crew; Karamo Brown, […]

Roseanne controversial, predictable

<em>Roseanne</em> controversial, predictable

By Zach Landau | Editor-in-Chief 04/12/2018 With the recent reboot of ABC’s Roseanne, the discussion has been dominated by True Americans who, finally, at last, have their views represented on prime-time TV. It’s been literally 10 bajillion years since a white, working-to-middle class family has made its way onto American television. God bless Roseanne Barr […]

‘Castlevania’ misses the appeal of source material

‘Castlevania’ misses the appeal of source material

By Josiah Martin | Staff Writer Netflix’s new animated series Castlevania claims to be based on the video game series of the same name. However, it lacks the trademark action, pacing and aesthetic of the game, in addition to its already inconsistent quality, causing it to barely hold its own as a television series. This […]