Popular Netflix shows approved by The Duquesne Duke

Netflix brought a new wave of binge-watching to the world of quarantine.

Rio Scarcelli | staff writer


Netflix brought a new wave of binge-watching to the world of quarantine.

It has been a year since COVID-19 facilitated a national quarantine: leaving people alone in their homes with not much to do outside of it. Because of this, Netflix took the reins as one of the most popular go-to quarantine activities to keep people entertained, preoccupied and content.

The rise in the platform’s growth and popularity caused many new TV shows to be bought and created for its viewers. While people steadily make their way out of the coronavirus era, there are still some binge-worthy shows people can visit to pass some time.

Netflix Originals: “Ginny and Georgia” (2021)

In a show that explores the dynamic of a daughter and mother duo, 15-year-old Ginny often finds herself being more mature than her 30-year-old mother Georgia Miller.

Criminal Investigation TV Shows: “World’s Most Wanted” (2020)

Not all criminals receive justice in the face of law. “World’s Most Wanted” explores five of the most dangerous criminals, how they evaded police and what became of them.

New Releases: “Lupin” (2021 – Unknown)

Omar Sy’s “The Adventures of Arsene Lupin” inspired a series shortened to “Lupin.” This follows the story of thief Assaine Diop who admires the work of Arsene Lupin: one of the most notorious thieves of his time. Diop makes attempts to avenge his father from a lucrative gang of aristocrats who had done him wrong.

Golden-Globe Award Winning TV Shows: “Jane the Virgin” (2014 – 2019)

A young, religious Latina girl Jane lives her life in strict celibacy. She is in for the greatest shock when she finds out she became pregnant from a medical slip-up.

Reality TV: “Survivor” (2000 – Unknown)

Now spanning 41 seasons, “Survivor” follows the adventures of a group of averagely-skilled contestants put through trials in the wild to see who can triumph as the lone survivor.

British TV Shows: “Sherlock” (2010 – 2017)

In following a more modern twist on the classic character Sherlock Holmes, the sleuth, and his partner, John Watson, investigate the crimes of 21st-century London. Much to his dismay, Sherlock’s wit and ability are exploited by the media and government: imploring his help in greater ways than he could imagine.

Watch Together for Old Kids: “Avatar: The Last Airbender” (2005-2008)

While this was popular at the beginning of quarantine, it is never too late to go back to “Avatar.” The show follows young Aang as he discovers a race of ancient people given the ability to control Earth’s natural elements. Taking on the role of The Last Airbender, Ang must train himself to restore peace to a divided nation.

Familiar TV Favorites: “Bojack Horseman” (2014 – 2020)

“Bojack Horseman” does not follow the feel-good pattern that the animation would suggest. Anti-hero and ex-celebrity Bojack Horseman navigates through the multiple missteps of being in the spotlight, relationships and personal life.

Documentaries: “The Mind of Aaron Hernandez” (2020)

In this three-part docuseries, a timeline goes through the crimes and schemes of ex-football star Aaron Hernandez and how he came to his shocking death.

Young Adult Movies & Shows: “The End of the F***ing World” (2017 – 2019)

When James meets the new girl at school Alyssa, the 17-year-old wants to make an attempt to kill her. Instead, she convinces him to go on the road with her to find out who her real father is.

Comedies: “I’m Not Okay with This” (2020)

A girl brought up with superpowers tries her best to navigate her life, family and her crush on her best friend. The coming-of-age story did get cancelled in 2020, so it can be a quick-watch if you don’t have the time.

TV Thrillers & Mysteries: “Elite” (2018 – Unknown)

The Spanish-thriller “Elite” follows three teens who make their way to a boarding school in Spain. Immediately, distinctions are made between class and upbringing: so much so that it leads to murder.