The End for Good: Multimedia editor says goodbye

Courtesy of Brentaro Yamane | Brentaro is a current graduate student studying communications at Duquesne. He's been able to cover countless stories at The Duke during his undergraduate and graduate time here.

Brentaro Yamane | Multimedia Editor

When I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Sports Information & Media and Multiplatform Journalism in December 2022, there was a part of my heart that was sad. When I wrote my first farewell, I could see that I was improving my skills and getting better at my job as the multimedia and layout editor. At that point, I did not know if I was going to be accepted into graduate school and I was already replaced by someone else hired to take my position for the following semester. I was a little upset as I wanted to continue to build the legacy of The Duquesne Duke, as I feel that there was so much more that I could accomplish.

Fast forward to Spring 2023, and I am sitting in graduate courses taking on the new adventure of studying communication. For the first half of the semester, I was focused on passing my classes and working on succeeding at the graduate level.

Then, all of a sudden I was given an opportunity by my friend and former Editor-in-Chief Luke Henne to regain my position. I was thankful, and I took advantage of the opportunity to come back.

Throughout the past school year, I think that as a whole the newspaper has done a better job making its presence well-known throughout the school. When I came back, the one thing I promised myself was to try and give The Duke more exposure. One of my biggest strengths that I feel that I am good at is interacting with people and posting on social media. It might be funny to some people, but that’s what I am passionate about and want to continue to get better at. I felt that I did all I could to get more people to show interest in this organization. Being a part of The Duke was one of the main things that I was invested in college and it obviously makes sense since I have aspirations of being a journalist and a photographer as well.

I took this year very seriously. I did more work than I had ever had before. It might be exhausting, but I liked it so much that I did not care. I saw my other editors and writers cover events that I had never seen in the newspaper before and that has to be one of the most positive things that our advisor Paula Reed Ward has to be happy about. I saw myself taking pictures of events that I had never done before (NCAA March Madness, A-10 Championship, Solar Eclipse, Mayor Ed Gainey showing up to events, etc.) and opportunities like that make me more motivated for the future.

I am excited to see all the other events that will be covered next year as I can see next year’s staff being very busy as well. With events such as the presidential election, the football and men’s basketball team trying to repeat as conference champions, and the opening of the new Osteopathic School of Medicine, it’ll definitely make me continue to read the newspaper next year, even though I will not be on the staff. The Duke celebrates its 100th anniversary next year and if I thought this year was special, next year will only be more special for everyone else.