The Most Honest 2016 Duquesne Housing Guide


housing-desplaces-bedroomHousing is always a big decision. In college, it’s possibly one of the biggest. Higher education is built on more than just going to classes — it’s about socializing, being part of a community and growing your personal self. And nothing determines the success of those efforts quite like where you live. A room is more than a place to sleep. It’s a place to relax, study, hang out and find personal space. Your neighbors might become your best friends for life, and your floor might become a community all of its own. Choosing where you live for nine months of your life matters.

With that in mind, we at The Duke wanted to make the decision a little bit easier. The following guide is meant to provide a snapshot of all the options you have to choose from. We’re not giving a marketing pitch for anything — we want you to be just as aware of flaws as you are of merits. Don’t take it solely from us, either. To get the full picture we’ve talked to real students about their actual experiences living in various places both on and off campus. We hope their testimonials help to paint a clearer picture of what Duquesne living is really all about.

Finally, some notes about reading this guide. Included for each Living Learning Center is a list of essential facts, some of which require explanation to fully understand. Capacities work off of base estimates, so expect some fluctuation depending on how rooms are filled. Also, laundry facilities vary from building to building, but are free of charge campus wide.

The listed costs are based on a single semester of the 2015-2016 prices. Expect them to differ slightly for 2016-2017. Additionally, within each building the price varies based on the size of the room and the amount of residents living there. For ease of use we’ve listed the price for a traditional double, meaning two residents, for all LLC’s except Des Places and Brottier. The price listed for Des Places is for a two-bedroom suite with two residents per room. The number for Brottier is the cost of a furnished, one-bedroom apartment for a full academic year ▪

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  1. Assumption Hall

  2. St. Martin Hall

  3. St. Ann Hall

  4. Duquesne Towers

  5. Vickroy Hall

  6. Des Places Hall

  7. Brottier Hall

  8. Off campus living