Things to do over break

By: Carley Thieret | The Duquesne Duke

With finals approaching and students carrying an increased workload, many are eager to get away from the Bluff for a few days. Here are five things to do over Thanksgiving break:

Volunteer at the food bank

What better way to spend a day of break than giving back to those less fortunate? Thanksgiving is the busiest time of the year for food banks and distribution centers across America, and 13 percent of American families rely on food banks to provide them with a meal on Thanksgiving Day. Spend a day donating canned goods and helping prepare meals for those less fortunate during the holiday season.

Organize a Turkey Bowl

Love sports? Get some friends and family together to participate in the Thanksgiving trademark Turkey Bowl. Play at a local field and organize a tailgate breakfast before the game so everyone can enjoy food, friendship and of course football before the big Thanksgiving feast that night.

Movie Day

Find an afternoon matinee, where tickets are around $5, and stop at Target or Walmart on your way to the theater for cheap snacks. There’s a nice day at the movies for under 10 bucks, perfect for the broke college student. Some must see movies that are now playing include Thor: The Dark World, Bad Grandpa and Last Vegas, with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire coming out Friday.

Spend time with family

Catching up with your parents about life at college and happenings in your life. Reminisce with siblings about childhood memories over lunch or coffee and engage in current events in their lives as well. Share college experiences with extended family at Thanksgiving dinner, and let them feel involved in what is going on with school, Duquesne and all that Pittsburgh has to offer.


Black Friday shopping is a Thanksgiving tradition and a good way to spend time with family while also browsing the sales that the mall and popular retail stores have to offer. Black Friday shopping with family is also a great time to point out some potential holiday gift ideas.

Whether spending time with family and friends, giving back to the community or just watching movies and hanging out, break should be a time to prepare for the home stretch and the end of the fall semester. Happy Thanksgiving Duquesne!