Trendy spring fashion look book

Griffin Sendek / Features Editor A simple patterned button-up goes a long way to make a casual, yet stylish outfit.


Colleen Hammond | Staff Writer

Griffin Sendek / Features Editor
Spring is the time to bring out bold colors.

Beautiful flowers are blooming across the city and pollen is in the air. That can only mean one thing; spring has sprung and a new year of fashion is taking the world by storm. Time to shed those heavy coats and rock salt-stained boots and get ready for the season of sandals, short sleeves and sundresses.

While spring fashion is notorious for gentle pastels and flowing lines, this year the fashion industry has changed the game. Runways and city streets alike are sporting more neutral pallets with small, deliberate pops of vivid color this spring.

Models have been seen strutting about in beige pantsuits with fuchsia blouses.

The combination of neutrality and bold color is quintessential to the spring 2019 look for women. Luckily for the general population, this is one of the easiest trends to incorporate into your spring wardrobe.

Try pairing dark wash jeans with a brightly colored t-shirt or tank top. Be sure to add a top layer like a lightweight raincoat or your favorite denim jacket to combat those chilly spring mornings.

Another trend fashion gurus can look forward to this spring is utility. This season the name of the game is practicality. To the utter joy and delight of thousands of women across the country, the fashion industry has finally realized that functionality is stylish.

This spring, expect to see a welcomed wave of pockets in dresses and skirts. In addition to this surge of pockets, look out for shelves lined with crossbody purses. This hands-free style is critical to the fun, relaxed and carefree aesthetic of spring.

In response to the popularity of crossbody bags this season, the fashion industry has done the unthinkable and brought back the fanny pack. To the shock of many, this homage to the ‘80s has been revived as a trendy alternative to traditional handbags.

While fanny packs are incredibly appealing for their apparent utility, this is a trend only the bravest fashionistas can pull off.

Griffin Sendek / Features Editor
A simple patterned button-up goes a long way to make a casual, yet stylish outfit.

As for the men, it’s time to abandon the standard polo, cargo shorts and boat shoes. This spring, men can expect a new relationship with prints. Simplistic, yet fun, printed button-downs are a must this season.

For a laid back, yet put together look, aim for complementary colors in your shorts and the prints on your shirt. This is the perfect way to blend the trend of neutrality and boldness. A neutral short or trouser and simple button-down with a basic, yet colorful pattern indicate charm and, if done well, sophistication even in the spring heat.

Lastly, the key to any spring look is that perfect pair of sunglasses. While trends come and go in the eyewear department, it is important to find a pair that looks good with your facial structure. Round faces should try wayfarers, rectangular frames, or rounded bottoms. Heart-shaped and rectangular faces will look best in traditional aviators, cat eye glasses or chunky, movie star-esque lenses. Those with oval faces should stick to rectangular or rounded frames with the occasional aviator. Find a pair that fits your face and matches your personality.

Because sunglasses are going to be worn with nearly every summer outfit in your wardrobe, look for neutral colored frames so they match or complement all your clothing.

This season is a promising one of practicality and abolition of traditional spring styles. As the plants continue to sprout up and the city comes to life, it is important to remember the words of Duquesne fashion icon, Zach Reed, in the weeks to come.

“I guess my secret is a point between confidence and comfort. Wearing something that makes me feel good but also matches the weather. It can be tricky in fall and spring because the day will start off one way and then drastically switch.”

Confidence is the key to any style. With the right mindset, you could even make a fanny pack look good this spring.