University facilities management worked overnight to restore power after outage

Raymond Arke | Editor-in-Chief

On August 14, an unexpected power outage hit numerous buildings on campus. Facilities Management worked over night and had the lights back on in the early morning hours of August 15.

In a Duquesne University Official Communication sent last night, the university announced that Rockwell Hall, Canevin Hall, the Rangos Health Sciences Building, the Law School and the Administration Building were to be closed on August 15th due to an “unplanned power outage.”

Rod Dobish, assistant vice president and chief facilities officer at Duquesne, said that the outage was a result of a “rare incident” of an electrical failure at around 7:45 p.m. yesterday.

“While we proactively test our electrical distribution components every year, there are times when failures occur,” he said.

Dobish said his team mobilized quickly to restore power.

“Facilities management mobilized a team, quickly determined the cause and began the process of restoring power,” he explained. “Power was restored to all buildings at approximately 4:20 a.m. this morning, August 15.”

He was pleased that the problem was resolved so quickly.

“As the head of the facilities management department, I am very proud of our team for restoring power quickly to the affected buildings while keeping safety in mind during the entire process,” Dobish said.

This morning at 9:34 a.m., Duquesne announced that the affected buildings were open.


Gabriella DiPietro contributed reporting.