Valentine’s Day on the Bluff

Emma Polen | features editor. Long-distance best friends Emily Pangonis and Nicole Albolino make cookies at Strong Women Strong Girls' Galentine's event Wednesday, Feb. 9.

by Nicholas Zotos | staff writer

Feb. 10, 2022

To all the college couples out there, it is officially that time of year: Valentine’s Day. 

Throughout Duquesne, students will be getting their significant other and friends flowers and treats, and they will be bringing each other out on dates. Whether on or off campus, there are plenty of opportunities for Duquesne students to celebrate Feb. 14. 

“I want to bring my friends out to eat and hangout for Valentine’s Day. While I do not have a significant other, Valentine’s Day reminds me of the others I have in my life. Pittsburgh is a great place to have fun and I cannot wait to spend quality time with my sorority for Valentine’s Day weekend” Jessica Wellmann, a sophomore biology major said. 

What specifically is there to do on Valentine’s Day? 

“If you have a date, I think the best thing to do is bring them out to eat. There are some great restaurants in Downtown Pittsburgh. Also from my personal experience, food is a great way to another person’s heart,” Elisha Schoeneck, a freshmen health sciences major said. 

While Pittsburgh offers a variety of interesting and unique date experiences, Duquesne’s campus will be hosting a number of its own Valentine’s Day activities. 

On Feb. 14 the Center for Excellence in Diversity and Student Inclusion will be staging a Valentine’s Day Flower Giveaway in the Africa Room at 2 p.m.  

DuqAthon will also be hosting a chocolate fondue night in The NiteSpot at 9 p.m. for students who have more of a sweet tooth. 

“I personally do not like Valentine’s Day. It seems a little cliche. But I like the spirit of Valentine’s Day because it reminds us of our friends and family,” Yasmine Alfrei, a freshman health science major, said. 

“For example, my RA Grace Scanlon is someone I appreciate spending time with, and she is not a significant other. She and I will try to attend some of the programs here on campus.”

Alfrei is not alone. For many Duquesne students, the Bluff is a great place to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends. 

Strong Women, Strong Girls hosted a Galentine’s Day celebration on Wednesday, Feb. 9, in the NiteSpot. 

Erin Wrisley, secondary education English junior, is an executive board member of Strong Women Strong Girls. She looked forward to the bonding experience before Valentine’s Day.

“Especially because it’s an all girls’ club, it’s just another chance to be together and to hang out as a group,” she said. 

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, Circle K is having their annual carnation sale. Carnations will be delivered to loved ones on campus Feb. 14 for $2.50 per carnation, $1 extra if you add a note. Find the ordering link on campus link before Friday, Feb. 11. 

Students can also tune in to get in the Valentine’s mood with the Sweet Streamin’ Open Mic Night hosted by DSTV on Thursday, Feb. 10. 

Residence Life is hosting the Red Hearts Semi-Formal Feb. 12 from 7-10 p.m. at the Red Ring.

There will be another event, the Black Love Day Formal, hosted by the Center for Excellence in Diversity and Student Inclusion and sponsored by the Black Student Union on Feb. 22 in the Power Center Ballroom.