Versatile editor prepares for next chapter

Courtesy of Luke Henne | Brentaro Yamane got the opportunity to cover the 2022 NCAA Tournament in March.

Brentaro Yamane | Layout/Multimedia Editor

Dec. 1, 2022

Growing up, I have always loved sports. I always liked playing games, the action, the big plays and emotional excitement that sports can bring. But the things that I like most about sports are competition and the winning that accompanies it.

When I was little, I wanted to see myself with a career somewhere in sports, specifically in sports media. And as a soon-to-be college graduate (knock on wood), I say that I still have that dream.

As a former high-school athlete and varsity letterman in bowling and track and field, I know what it’s like to be an athlete while sacrificing and putting in countless hours to be better. While many people think of how good athletes are physically, an important aspect that not many people think about is how well an athlete can perform mentally under pressure and bright lights.

Every athlete has their own journey and their own experiences of playing certain sports, as they learn more about themselves and their identity. To me, the general public should know stories (no matter how they are relayed or interpreted) of what athletes and coaches go through every year to try to be successful, because it can be something all people can relate to in life.

When I saw Duquesne’s sports information and media program, which gives students opportunities to become announcers, writers or sports information directors, it seemed too good to be true. I simply could not pass up the opportunity, especially considering that Duquesne is only 17 minutes from my home.

I simply love Pittsburgh, the place that I can happily say that I am from. Being able to not travel far to go to a school, which can help me strengthen my aspirations, is such an awesome feeling.

I can say that I am very blessed to have had opportunities and been a part of media clubs at Duquesne that have enhanced my broadcasting, writing and game production skills. I would have never thought that being an editor and photographer for The Duke, a host for Duquesne Student Radio, an announcer for Duquesne Athletic Productions and an anchor for Duquesne Student Television could change my life as much as it has.

I am also blessed for all the professors and students that I have encountered and created relationships with whether the interactions were good or bad. They have made me more of a well-rounded and strong individual, as I truly adhere to the principle that, “Everyone you meet has a purpose in your life.”

Some people have good college experiences, and some people don’t. I feel that the best way to have a good college experience is to put yourself out there and meet all the people you can, because some of those people can become your best friends, and some of those people can change your life.

I love Duquesne, and I hope others that attend this university can feel the same way once their time is done here.

I’m excited to see what the next chapter of my life holds. I simply do not know yet, and that only makes it more exciting. No matter what happens next in my life, I am going to continue to work hard and trust God to put me in the position that I’m supposed to be in.

Much like I believe that everyone you meet has a purpose in your life, I also believe that everything happens for a reason.