“We’re bringing back the gender neutral fashion show.”

Photos by Rebecca Jozwiak & Brentaro Yamane | Staff Photographer & Multimedia Editor

Story by Emma Polen | Editor-in-Chief

Nialah Miller, president of Lambda Gender Sexuality Alliance, welcomed the audience to their 2024 gender-neutral fashion show. “Visibility on campus is a big thing for us,” Miller said. The goal of the annual event was to “come together as a community and express themselves,” she said.
This year, the event was titled “Fashion Knows No Bounds,” and the outfit theme was camp reimagined, inspired by the Met Gala. The models’ first outfits during their opening catwalk were temporarily loaned by PGH Style for Good. Lambda fashion models catwalked across the Union Ballroom stage were Aly Chomenko (left), Bella DiLauro (right) and Saskya Hector (middle). Hector was there to support her friend Miller, but also “to not take myself so seriously,” she said.







For the remainder of the fashion show, after their initial entrance onto the stage, the models’ outfits were chosen for them by the audience in an interactive segment of the show “If y’all could participate, that’d be absolutely spectacular,” Miller said, inviting audience members to head to the tables where clothes were laid out to put together outfits for the three models. All the remaining outfits after the first round of catwalks were donated from Dreams of Hope, a queer youth arts organization in Pittsburgh, and the others were purchased from Goodwill. After the fashion show, Miller said Lambda will donate all the clothes to a queer organization in Pittsburgh of their choice.