You should be playing on console over PC when it comes to gaming

Courtesy of Unsplash | The new Xbox Series X was released in November of 2020 costing $500.

Christiana Cates | staff columnist

Sept. 9, 2021

The infamous console versus personal computer (PC) wars have escalated ever since the continuation of growth of video games on both platforms in the modern era.

Console gaming is played with a video game console, such as the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation  5 (PS5) and the Nintendo Switch. The console is usually hooked into a TV or monitor and operated with its signature controller.

When it comes to  PC gaming, you would most likely use a mouse and keyboard to operate the game itself while viewing a monitor. But some PC players use console controllers to play the game on PC. 

When looking at the variety of options to choose from when gaming, a video game console has some clear advantages over PC, and PC has some advantages over video game consoles as well.

In terms of console gaming, take a look at the Xbox Series X/S, which features the visual stimuli  of a lighted electronic device. The signature X lights up in the front of the console when powering it up. 

After the power up sequence, users are greeted by a dashboard which allows you to navigate in between the home screen and other pages, such as the Xbox store, your gamer profile, and the video games and apps section. 

On Xbox you are connected with people in the Xbox network, adding friends by their Xbox gamer tag (name) and generally playing with friends who are on your friends list. You can communicate in a party (group chat) with a headset that’s usually connected to your controller, and then with your party, you can play games while connected to a personal voice channel. 

The feel of owning a gaming device full of simplicity and visual appeal gives off a general feel of accomplishment as a gamer. Sporting the brand with its signature controller and X logo creates a sense of pride and community that differs from PC gaming. 

In terms of PC gaming you have a monitor from the brand of your liking, whether that would be: HP, Dell, Acer, Samsung, etc. The monitor is accompanied by your keyboard/mouse or a gaming console controller. 

PC gaming is very solo oriented, in that you typically do not have a community, identity, or special network to be engaged with on PC. While PC does have advanced gaming graphics, speed, and higher quality above console when playing games — the experience is a bit lonely, nevertheless. 

PC gaming does have its advantages, typically when games are released they are prioritized to be released on PC first.

The Xbox Series X/S and the PS5 can miss out on certain games, based on whether the game is an exclusive for that specific console or not. Gaming companies can choose to release the game on both consoles as well. 

PC typically updates faster, along with the initial releases. For example, in the video game Rainbow Six Siege, a tactical shooter (as well as a FPS), the operators are released on PC first, then console players must wait for the release afterwards — maybe by days or weeks. That is one positive to PC.

Even with the flashiness and priority of PC, there is no experience comparable to that of a gaming console. 

The hype culture that surrounds gaming events is mostly catered to console gamers. 

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), every year the gaming showcase/event features a specific section and display of the Xbox or PlayStation game releases, owners and representatives of the brand. 

E3 previously revealed Project Scorpio and Project Scarlett (the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S) codenames for the consoles, which created great excitement and anticipation for the new consoles. The thrill was there for every Xbox fan when the representatives showcased the features on a live stage, through live gameplay, pre-recorded gameplay and game trailers. 

PC simply does not get the same luxury of a showcase as each player’s setup varies with different brand names forming their gaming setup.

The uniformity and fanbase of consoles provides the hype around gaming unlike any other platform. 

When considering whether or not to buy a console or stick to PC, the choice is yours. But the feeling of pride to own a PlayStation or Xbox is unparalleled.