Men of Excellence award given to DU faculty

Photo by Carlee Evans
Photo by Carlee Evans


Olivia Donia | Staff Writer

Assistant Vice President of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) Jeff Mallory has been selected for the New Pittsburgh Courier’s Men of Excellence Award.

The New Pittsburgh Courier, one of the country’s oldest nationwide black newspapers, awards the Men of Excellence Award every year to a “local African-American man who inspires others through their vision, leadership, and dedication to the community.”

The honor is typically awarded to men who are role models for the next generation.

To be counted among their number is an honor and a privilege, said Mallory. “This year’s class is peers and collegues I really look up to,” he said.

As the Assistant Vice President of the ODI, Mallory works closely with Duquesne students to help them achieve their goals both on and off the Bluff.

“We’re looking for success inside and outside the classroom,” Mallory said, “but we also want students to be successful when they graduate.”

Winning the award is a particular honor for Mallory because it means that his work as a mentor and resource has helped Duquesne students.

“This award aligns with what I try to do every day as an administrator at Duquesne,” Mallory said.

Mallory was nominated for the award by Valerie Harper, the registrar at the Duquesne University School of Law. While it is an honor to be nominated and chosen for this award, Mallory said the greatest reward is getting to work so closely with Duquesne students.

“When a student lets you into their world … and follows your advice,” Mallory said, “I don’t know if there’s a higher honor you can have.”

Coming from a family of educators, Mallory said that it was always a priority in his household to give back. Throughout his career, he had many important mentors and role models to guide him.

Winning this award has given Mallory and his family the opportunity to stop and look back at how mentors and leaders impacted their own lives. And now, working in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Mallory has the opportunity to be that role model for Duquesne students.

He believes good role models are especially important for students and young people, since, in his words, “there’s so much going on at that age.”

The Men of Excellence Award serves to highlight the good work Mallory and the ODI do.

Mallory said, “This award really gives us the energy we need to keep helping students and the community.

Mallory has called winning the award a privilege, but he has also described it as humbling. He said being recognized for the work he does for the community is both an opportunity and an honor to reflect on the impact a person can have on the surrounding community.

His office, which is located on the first floor of the union, is always open to help students with whatever they need, and there is nothing that they won’t tackle, Mallory said. And he is always looking forward to working with students.

“I’m always touched by something a student does,” Mallory said. “And it’s really a testament to them.”