An Added Word: A Fond Farewell to The Duke









Addison Smith | Sports Editor

Do you ever have a moment where you just sit down with a smile and realize, “this is where I belong?” My first moment like that at Duquesne was when I walked into The Duquesne Duke newsroom my first week as a freshman. It felt right. It felt like home.

Over time, the newsroom did become my home. Throughout my freshman year I became more accustomed to the environment and the people inside of it. While seldom few remain from my first year down here, there is no denying that these people and those who have left have become my Duquesne family and some of my closest friends.

Now, I am leaving my home. Not to graduate, but to pursue new prospects and to finally have Wednesday nights free for the first time in three years. While I may still be writing (you can’t get rid of me that easily, Duquesne men’s soccer), I will not live in the newsroom.

It’s weird when you realize you’re in the right place. It’s a moment you’ll treasure forever, or at least until you’re done with that place and ready to find a new one. There have been many times throughout my college newspaper career where I couldn’t imagine being any place else. My top two times? Both happened in Philadelphia, when normal students were spring breaking in Florida, I was covering sports.

Now, I’m not going to bore you with my tales of Philadelphia, but both times I was there, I was there with The Duke covering the Atlantic 10 women’s basketball tournament. Both times I was there, I was sleeping on someone’s extra couch/bed (it’s hard being a student journalist, guys). Both times I was there, I came back with memories. Not just because of the tournament, but because I became closer with my Duke family, well certain members of it. I got to cover sports and have fun, what more could I have asked for? (Besides a better dinner that Friday night when we arrived at a different restaurant than we anticipated).

Regardless, I would just like to thank the people in the newsroom for making all those nights we spent together okay. So, Chad, Fred, Georgie, Wes, Pat, Katie W., Robyn, Jess, Jenna, Jordan, Saul, Em, Zach, Julian, Aaron, Claire, Connor, Bobby, Katie. A, Carley, Sam and anyone else I forget off the top of my head, thank you so much for always being there for me; especially Chad for giving the position to a doe-eyed freshman girl.

And keep on playing “Closing Time”, no matter what.